GFE vs. PSE: What’s The Difference?

Yesterday we received this question in our mailbox:

“I’ve seen you mention GFE, PSE for different Adelaide escorts. What does it mean? I read that GFE is a girlfriend experience. Isn’t that just a sugar daddy?!”

Ahh, yes.

The joys of escort acronyms. We realise it can be a little confusing if you are just dangling your toes in the escort waters, so allow us to explain some of the basic ‘experiences’ your money can buy.

Let’s start with the two popular categories:


Adelaide PSE or GFE?

Adelaide PSE or GFE? What’s the sexiest escort service for you?

  • GFE: Girlfriend experience
  • PSE: Pornstar experience

An Adelaide GFE is where you pay for an experience that resembles what you would normally have with a girlfriend, partner or spouse.

Only with less arguments, less politics, and a much clearer idea of the expected levels of intimacy.

No, this does not mean the escort becomes your girlfriend.

That would be more of a sugar daddy arrangement.

The girlfriend experience denotes the type of intimacy that you can expect.

As does the pornstar experience.

When you think of a pornstar experience, does your mind focus on cuddles, ruffles of the hair, sweet nothings whispered in the ear and dinner dates?

No, it likely focuses on something more explosive: a good fucking.

An Adelaide PSE might also be compared to a girlfriend experience, but only if you are lucky enough to have a partner who is buck crazy wild in the bedroom and happy to embrace your super-sexed-up fantasies.

For many men, the reality is… whatever pornstar experience they have had, it was back in the ‘good old days’ when sex was still exciting and new.

And even then there were boundaries.

The men who indulge in PSE services are looking for the opposite of a GFE.

Less illusion of intimacy, lots of sex. Hard and fast. Names shouted. Primal urges are go.

GFE: The Girlfriend Experience

By far the most common escort service you will find in Adelaide is the GFE.

There’s two reasons for this:

  • A good GFE is designed to seem real — Many of the men who use escorts feel awkward about the act itself and are looking for escapism. They want the intimacy and excitement of sharing passion with a beautiful lady — they don’t want to be reminded of the transactional nature. The best GFEs are provided by women who know how to break down the barriers of the escort and client divide. In short; they are artists of seduction.
  • Not all escorts enjoy acting out the pornstar fantasy — It’s understandable that the majority of escorts, in both freelance circles and agencies, prefer to provide an intimate girlfriend experience over a race to the bottom in kinkiness. We’d guess that around 95% of Adelaide’s private companions market their services as GFE.

You can check our Adelaide escorts page to find a list of agencies and independent companions that cater to the girlfriend experience.

Generally speaking, we would recommend this service to clients who are nervous about hiring an escort.

These ladies are professionals.

They know how to seduce.

Even with money changing hands, you’d be amazed how quickly it’s possible to forget the ‘cost’ when a gorgeous temptress has set her mind (and body) on showing you a good time.

However, if the kink in you refuses to settle for intimacy and seduction…

PSE: The Pornstar Experience

There is a select number of Adelaide escorts who specialise in PSE; and with these ladies, you know you’re in for a wild night.

What distinguishes the pornstar experience from a girlfriend experience?

Many of the things you can do during PSE would be deemed ‘extra services’ that are not applicable to a standard GFE.

The PSE is deemed fantasy hour.

It’s your chance to to get extreme with an escort who is committed to playing the role of dirty slut.

Anal? Deepthroat? BDSM? Facials?

While you might be able to negotiate these in a GFE, they are standard par for the course when you go with a pornstar experience.

The idea is that you are acting out your very own PornHub or RedTube scene.

In fact, the PSE is most commonly offered by former porn stars.

There are many world famous porn stars who moonlight as private companions and sell the ultimate ‘pornstar experience’, as seen on PornHub, to men who are loaded enough to pay a premium to recreate those vivid fantasies.

GFE and PSE in Adelaide

One obvious thing to note here is that Adelaide doesn’t have many porn stars.

If you want to indulge in a hardcore PSE session, you will end up paying a considerable premium.

It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

There are plenty of ladies willing to provide a girlfriend experience, thus driving down the price, or at least helping to keep it low.

If you want a PSE, you have a much smaller pool of escorts (and brothels) to choose from. These ladies will charge you more for the rarity of a service that — we imagine — must be pretty demanding to perform on a daily basis.

Expect to pay between 50-100% more for a PSE than GFE.

If the escort is famous? Or a former porn star?

Well, then you can add a few extra thousand to the fee!

The PornHub experience comes at a price.

GFE or PSE? Are there any escorts/agencies you’d recommend for these services in the Adelaide area?

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