How to Find Sex on Backpage Brisbane

Looking to get laid in the Brisbane area but not up for a brothel?

Plenty of guys are turned off by the idea of using a brothel, whether it’s the inconvenience of travelling out of town or the fact you don’t want to run into your boss there. Whatever the reason, there are always other options including paying for an escort to come to you or finding a woman you don’t have to pay. But how easy is it to find either of these things?

Well, Backpage isn’t all about yard sales and dodgy escorts, we take a look in this guide at ways of finding sex on Backpage in the Brisbane area.

Why Use Backpage Brisbane?

Backpage in Brisbane is a 100% free to use personal classified site. A digital version of that outmoded medium, the backpage of the local newspaper, the service is very popular. Like Craigslist, Backpage has become one of the top go to places to advertise services online; from garage sales to community events, selling an Xbox to selling erotic massage.

Backpage is one of Australia’s biggest classified services making it an ideal audience for any listing you want to make of your own, or a big marketplace to do some window shopping.

Paid vs Personal

The Backpage personals are split into two categories, both of which can be good fishing grounds for casual encounters; these are ‘Dating’ and ‘Adult’. Though the differences seem obvious there is actually more of a grey area than you might at first imagine.

backpage brisbane sex

Using Backpage is easy to find sex in Brisbane. Image via website. 


Though you might not be considering a relationship when you start browsing Backpage for sex, there are plenty of advertisements that are posted by single, available women looking for more casual encounters. Sometimes advertisements are misplaced or are selectively placed by woman who don’t want to be mistaken for an escort. Whatever the reason, don’t let the section heading put you off a search in this category.

Use the suggested keywords below to help you narrow the search down and don’t forget to select the right sub-category out of:

  • Men seeking men
  • Men seeking women
  • Transgender
  • Women seeking men
  • Women seeking women

The key with choosing to answer (or post) an advert in the dating section (or in fact for any advert – see below on how to avoid scams) is that you shouldn’t expect the respondent to be genuine. There are quite a few escorts that use the dating section of Backpage to drum up some business. These are usually obvious so just be aware.


The adult section is usually a more obvious market place for paid services and is broken down into the following categories:

  • Escorts
  • Body rubs
  • Strippers and strip clubs
  • Dom and fetish
  • Ts (shemales)
  • Male escrts
  • Phone and websites
  • Adult jobs

With most of these categories, what you see is what you get and you are effectively browsing for a service which you should expect to pay for. The exception to this is in the dom and fetish category. If this is something you are into then you can usually find couples and singles as well as group events that don’t charge.

It’s also worth remembering that some shemales mistakenly post in the Ts section here instead of  the dating side of Backpage.

sex brisbane escorts on backpage

You can find plenty of escorts on Backpage. Image via Ad on Backpage.

Some tips on popular search terms

So, those are the two areas which you can search for sex in Brisbane but how do you start your search?

Well, you could start by browsing the list of personals and open each one individually but there is a quicker way. Using the keyword search facility will help save you a lot of time.

First of all, make sure that you have chosen Brisbane as your city of choice and then enter any one of the following search terms into the keyword search tool.

CAS, Casual, NSA, no strings attached, hook up, casual sex, FWB, friends with benefits, ONS, one night stand, SWS, sex without strings

If an advert uses any of these terms then you know that you are good to go on a relationship free hook up for sex.

Getting down with the lingo

Or why knowing the language can help you avoid big mistakes!

As well as knowing what search terms to use to help you find your next hot hook up, it’s just as important to know in advance what some of the acronyms used in online classifieds mean. Not knowing that ‘PNP’ means Party N Play, usually with drugs, could mean a huge mistake. For that matter, ‘Tina’ or ‘T’ is also used to indicate drugs, (crystal meth) so avoid any ads that overuse the capital letter T in their wording. Ads ThaT read like This could be a cerTain giveaway!

The other thing to watch for is women not being entirely straight when it comes to whether they are an escort or not. Some women don’t explicitly state that they offer escort services but use $$$’s as a clue. They may also refer to looking for a “generous” guy…this doesn’t mean the size of your manhood but the size of your wallet.

This list of acronyms used on dating sites is pretty useful and covers most of the main ones used.

Avoiding scams: What to look for to avoid being conned

Though there are genuine people on Backpage looking for hook ups, there are also scams online so the first piece of advice is to use your judgement wisely. Don’t arrange to meet someone in a remote location late at night and, if you do, make sure someone knows where you are going. Its common sense and we don’t mean to teach anyone to suck eggs but because Backpage is free and requires no verification of the identity of advertisers then it can be a playground for the unscrupulous.

One of the big ways of being scammed is with escort services that advertise using pictures of hot women but when you turn up, you could be forgiven for thinking the door was being opened by their grandma…who’d also been hit by a bus. Known as the ‘bait and switch’, there are tell-tale signs when many adverts have the same mobile number but with different pictures. Also look out for the photos to be of insanely hot women. If they look too hot, then the chances are they aren’t real. Women with figures and faces like that don’t need to use Backpage; they probably charge at least a grand an hour and work for high-quality escort agencies.

Be persistent

The numbers don’t work in a guy’s favour when it comes to Backpage as there are far more men looking for action than women prepared to give it. It’s a competitive market so expect not to receive responses to every ad you answer. The key is not to give up and keep searching. As long as you are using the right approach (and not coming off as a desperate creep) then you should hit the jackpot sooner or later.

And lastly, the small print

If you are using Backpage to advertise then you do need to be familiar with the site’s Terms of Use.

Backpage has a duty of care and legal responsibility to ensure that the content of the advertisements on its site fall within the law of the state in which it operates. Any violation of the Terms of Use can result in criminal proceedings. With that out of the way, all that’s left for us to do is wish you the best of luck in your search for sex in Brisbane using Backpage.


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