How to Get a BBBJ in Brisbane

Fancy a gobby without a dinger?

With strict laws in Queensland about the use of condoms in brothels being a compulsory part of their license, it’s not as easy as you think getting a BBBJ in Brisbane. However, for those fellas who hanker after a franger free blow job then there are ways and means.

In our guide to getting a bareback blowjob we take a look at why and how you can scratch an itch for an all-natural blowie.

What is a BBBJ?

An acronym standing for Bare Back Blow Job, a BBBJ is basically a gobby with no condom. Also known as natural oral, a bareback BJ or giving head without the hat the term BBBJ is used most frequently in online classifieds.

Why would you want a bareback blowjob?

It’s not a stupid question as most men will recognise the difference in getting head without a sheath as being a far better experience. So, the question should be, why would you want a BBBJ from a prostitute? The dangers of unsafe sex with working women are well documented and we don’t need to go into the ins and outs of why a condom is a good idea. However, for lots of different reasons some men don’t or can’t use condoms. This can be a simple question of whether you are able to climax with one or whether you have allergies. For others it can be a case of religious reasons or even because they are too well endowed (or conversely not) to get a condom to fit.

natural blowjob brisbane

Want a franger-free gobby? There are ways and means….Image via Flickr

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of men who are prepared to take the risk of unsafe sex to get a natural blowjob.

The law on BBBJs in Brisbane

The law in Queensland on the practice of sex without a prophylactic is clear and prohibits sex workers from providing oral sex (or intercourse) without one. Likewise, it is illegal for a client to ask for a ‘natural service’. Penalties for not abiding by this are points which can lead to fines and criminal convictions.

How do you get a bareback BJ?

The implications of receiving points and criminal convictions for providing a natural service are far more far-reaching for a brothel than they are for a prostitute working independently. Brothels can risk losing their license if it comes to the attention of the authorities that they are allowing the girls to practise unsafe sex on their premises.

As a result, it can be a very risky business to ask for such a service in a brothel environment. Certainly, you will not receive a positive response if you ask the management directly.

However, there is no harm in asking your playmate discreetly once you are alone. The worst case scenario is that she will just say no but you may get a pleasant surprise…though it is likely to cost you. It is unlikely that sirens will go off and that you will be frog-marched off the premises in your grundies.

The most common way to get a BBBJ is to employ an outcall escort who comes to your premises. You can make a discreet enquiry before making the booking about whether she performs natural services to make sure that you are both on the same page before you part with any cash.

Independent prostitutes are far more likely to provide BBBJs.

However, because entrapment is legal in Queensland and the police can and do pose as potential clients, there can still be a reticence to agree to performing natural services. In fact, the phrase ‘natural services’ is more common in sting operations so it is worth using terms like ‘bareback’, ‘raw’, ‘going rogue’, ‘taking your hat off’, ‘gloves off’ or ‘skinny dipping’.

You can expect to pay around 20% more for natural services but each prostitute is different so make sure that you know what you are paying for before you agree to anything.

However, do be aware that any prostitute that gives a natural service for you will also have done it for other men too. This greatly increases any chance of infection so you might want to have a check-up more frequently and certainly avoid spreading anything to a regular partner.

Of course, the other way to get a BBBJ is not to pay for one at all.

Using the classifieds such as Backpage and Locanto can put you in touch with women in the Brisbane area who might well be up for a BBBJ.

We’ve put together a guide on how to use the personals services to get sex. Though it’s no guarantee, a regular hook up might be more willing than a paid sex worker to give a franger-free blow job; as well as saving you cash it might be considered a safer option.

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