Brisbane Hookers and Prostitutes: Where Are They Found?

Street prostitution and soliciting sex in a public place aren’t legal in Brisbane, but there is no escaping that hookers are still a very common way of getting laid here.

In fact, a report conducted in 2009 reports that only 10% of the sex trade in Brisbane is conducted through licensed brothels. For many, the act of hiring a hooker or street prostitute is all about the pick up and ‘old school’ is the only way to cut it.

There are plenty of hookers in Brisbane who cater for men who fit this category…it’s just knowing where to find them, as we’ll see below.

Finding Brisbane Hookers and Street Prostitutes

A guide to Brisbane hooker hotspots and street prostitution.

A guide to Brisbane hooker hotspots and street prostitution.

Note: This is not a recommendation to go out hiring hookers! We are simply providing information based on user experiences that are well documented around the web.

There is no official red light district in Brisbane but there are several areas where hookers congregate for a good chance of getting some street trade.

With over 4000 women estimated to be in the sex industry there is little wonder that competition is high and many resort to ‘active marketing’ to make money.

For several decades, Fortitude Valley has been a hotspot for night activity with street prostitution.

With a thriving night scene, it is little wonder the area was a good place to pick up customers after a night out. However, the combination of a clampdown by the authorities and an influx of Asian sex-workers arriving in new areas, Fortitude Valley has been usurped.

The new arrivals appear to be operating out of the Dockside area as well as Kangaroo Point; very popular with Asian hookers.

There are dozens of apartments and motels on Main Street from which individual hookers and whores operate and, when they are available, they simply cruise the streets. With the growth of online advertising, as long as they have their mobile phone on them, they can be available anywhere, anytime.

Caxton Street near Paddington is also growing in reputation as having a high number of street workers and whores. Close to the adult entertainment venues such as The Grosvenor, Showgirls and Club Minx the street offers a ready supply of potential passing trade.

Costs vary depending on the hookers you pick up and what you are asking for but you can expect to pay around $100-$110 for full intercourse (half an hour, tops).

Websites for Finding Hookers in Brisbane

If you don’t want to visit a brothel or maybe feel a little nervous about soliciting from the street then you can procure the services of a hooker using the internet.

Using search terms such as escorts, prostitutes and hookers will return an almost endless stream of results but there is a quicker way.

Note: We have all the details you need for hiring a high-end Brisbane escort.

Find Prostitutes on Adult Friend Finder

Street workers use the internet to advertise their services as print advertising is illegal (and dated).

Adult Friend Finder has a huge database of professional women who work out of the city. Many have access to their own apartments whilst others will use hotels or off out-calls.

Registration is free and is anonymous but does require a sign-up for premium features.

True Local

The online personal classifieds of True Local returns over fifty results for escort services and agencies that service the Brisbane area.

Some of these are brothels that offer outcall services whilst others are individual hookers and street whores offering their personal services. If you don’t want to arrange for an outcall or visit a brothel then plenty of these listings can offer their own apartment or a suitable motel for an hourly fee.

Scarlet Blue

Offering a high end directory of escorts across Australia, Scarlet Blue is a private escort search engine where you can browse without registration.

You can even access mobile numbers without registering.

The rates vary widely from $120 for an hour to $600 per hour. The photographs and bio details are of a superior quality and, with premium registration, you can access more features to inform your choice of escort.

Note: These girls aren’t street hookers. Many are high-end luxury companions who will provide something much more akin to a girlfriend experience (GFE) rather than the standard suck and fuck from a street prostitute.


Similar to Backpage, Craigslist and Locanto, Cracker is a free classifieds directory which is mostly populated by escort services.

There is little to regulate the adverts that are placed which means that many of the photos aren’t genuine and there is no review system to provide feedback to potential clients.

However, the easy and cheap access to the site means that most prostitutes in Brisbane use it to advertise.

Naughty Ads

Free to browse but with the prostitutes paying for an advert there is far greater quality listings than with the free to list sites.

There is no way to filter the results but you can use the keyword search function to narrow your results. The site gets almost a quarter of a million hits a month and is fast becoming a good place for hookers to advertise.

There are female and male escorts as well as trannies available. If that’s your thing!

Have you taken the plunge and hired a Brisbane street hooker?

Are there any hotspots for prostitution around Bris that we haven’t mentioned?

Let us know below.

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