Where to Find Hookers and Whores in Canberra, ACT

Though Canberra isn’t served by as many brothels and escort agencies as some other large Australian cities, there are still places punters can pick up street prostitutes and hookers.

The oldest profession in the world is thriving in certain parts of the ACT, and there are many hookers and whores making a good chunk of cash from their clientele.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Canberra street prostitution scene, as well as some other options frequented by escorts and working girls.

Prostitution in Canberra: Where to Find Hookers and Whores?

A guide to Canberra hookers and whores

A guide to Canberra hookers and whores

The area of Fyshwick is a retail and light industry zone to the east of Southern Canberra and is home to brothels such as Northside Studios, Tiffany’s Place, Exotic Studio and Lollipop Lounge.

There is also a plethora of adult sex shops as well as erotic massage parlours all making the area one happy shopping experience for men (and women) who are in search of sex. Naturally, with the amount of trade passing through there are also street workers offering their services in Fyshwick.

In the same way, Mitchell also has legal brothels which also attracts street workers.

Though a riskier option due to the possibility of STIs from an unregulated hooker and the possibility of being run in by the police (soliciting in the street is illegal) sex with a street prostitute is cheaper.

And, let’s face it there are many ways to get your rocks off but the old-school kerb crawling is still a thrill for many men, particularly because it is illicit. We’e not here to condone or judge anyone so, if you are looking for a street hooker in Canberra then where do you go?

It’s commonly thought that because brothels operate legally in both Mitchell and Fyshwick that no street prostitution takes place; however, any area around the sex shops, strip clubs and brothels attracts street hookers and whores.

Generally, men who roll out of either the Capital Men’s Club in Fyshwick or Wanderlust Gentleman’s Club in Mitchell can expect to be approached by a lady of the night on their way back to the car. It’s a natural given that any man leaving such an establishment might be tempted to a ‘takeaway’ on the way home.

Prices vary considerably depending on the night and the quality of the girl but you can get away with a quick blowjob for $20 and even sex in the car for as little as $50. Some girls do try and charge more but you’re the one with the money.

Of course, if you aren’t tempted to blow out with a street hooker then there are plenty of outcall services offered by the Canberra brothels as well as independently operating escorts who are prepared to visit you at your home or hotel.

Canberra Hooker Websites

Unlike a brothel, using an escort directly will mean you pay less because you don’t have to pay a fee to the house.

Freelance escorts and working girls use several sites to advertise including free listings and paid for listings. The more they are prepared to pay to advertise the more they charge so the price you pay can mean the difference between an elite call girl and an average hooker.

Find Prostitutes

This site operated by Adult Friend Finder has hundreds of listings for escorts in the Canberra area. The site is free to register from which you can browse the listings of all the advertisers including access photos and bio details; however, the site does have premium features which requires membership. The site operates a messaging system and peer reviews making the likelihood of the girl in the picture actually being the girl you hook up with more of a possibility than with other sites.



A 100% free service to use and to advertise with, Cracker has dozens of listings for escorts in Canberra, many of which have photos and good bio details. The site is unverified and is not moderated so you will have to be smart about the types of adverts you respond to and ensure that you are 100% clear on price before committing to any meet up.

Sadly the site doesn’t let you filter the results by age or by location (other than Canberra being a keyword) and it can be a bit hit and miss trawling through the pages of listings.


Skip The Games

Operating a 100% free service since 2010, the listings on Skip The Games can be filtered using search terms for keywords such as Greek Sex, BBW etc making it far easier to filter through the ads. Most of the personals have photos, some of which are verified. Most also state their fees and provide direct contact details making it a quick way to access an escort in Canberra.


Private Girls

Finally, if you are looking to treat yourself to an upmarket hooker then try Private Girls. Offering premium services from incredibly hot and talented escorts, the prices are high and can start at $1000 for an hour but the exclusivity and quality might be worth that extra cost.


Whether you are willing to pay a premium for an escort or not, there are plenty of cheap hookers available in Canberra that do not require soliciting on the street.

Better safe than sorry!

Have you dabbled in the Canberra street prostitution scene?

Are there any hooker hot spots we’ve missed?

Let us know your experiences below.

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