Cracker Canberra: Finding Escorts in the ACT

Looking for an escort in Canberra? Why not bookmark ‘Cracker’?

One of the most popular online classified websites in the ACT for finding an escort, Cracker is free and easy to use. Covering areas from the CBD to Fyshwick, Reid and Kingston, Cracker offers a comprehensive way to search escort listings.

We take a look at just what Cracker provides, how to use the site and the best ways to avoid any problems when responding to adverts.

What is Cracker Canberra?

Cracker falls into the genre of websites that has taken over from the traditional back page classified ads of the local newspapers. Where, in the 1980’s, anyone looking for local services or second-hand goods would have turned to the back of the free papers, we now have a range of sites offering the same thing; Cracker, Backpage, Craigslist or Locanto, by any other name, they all offer a similar service.

Free, both to browse and advertise, Cracker offers everything from jobs to community events, real estate to used goods as well as a separate section for adult services.

Cracker Adult Services

The adult services section of Cracker is split into eight categories:

  • Escorts
  • Body rubs
  • Strippers & strip clubs
  • Dom & fetish
  • Transsexual
  • Male escorts
  • Phone & websites
  • Adult jobs

The sections are self-explanatory and give four options for finding escorts in the Canberra area:

  • Escorts: Used mainly by female escorts offering standard services
  • Dom & Fetish: A category used specifically by escorts who cater for BDSM enthusiasts and fetishists.
  • Transsexual: A specific place to find shemale escorts in Canberra.
  • Male escorts: Mainly a section for bisexual and gay men, women can also find male escorts here.

What kind of services can you get?

By and large, each of the advertisements from professional escorts will give you as much detail as possible about services, costs and how to make a booking. After all, they are trying to sell their wares so it pays for them to be as detailed as possible. You can usually tell just how professional an escort is judging by the detail of their ad. Those without any information or poor quality pictures will either be hoax listings (some people do this to humiliate an ex by listing her phone number) or a newcomer to the game.

Services are pretty standard and usually include blowjobs, hand jobs or full service. Note that most escorts will insist on using a dinger and will not entertain anything ‘natural’, so barebacking is rare.

Some listings will even go as far as to state exactly what they won’t do so nobody wastes their time; typically, this is anal or BDSM.

Our advice is to read the listing thoroughly before you make contact and don’t just be swayed by the tempting pictures!

Who advertises on Cracker?

It’s important to remember that Cracker is basically the online equivalent of the red light districts of twenty years ago. Instead of crawling the kerbs, the Internet has made it easier (and safer) for both hookers and johns to connect. It is estimated that around 90% of street prostitution has now moved online and, because advertising is free, the majority of business goes directly to sites like Cracker.

Most of the women who advertise are independent escorts and are not affiliated with agencies or brothels; they may offer a high standard of services including both outcall and incall. However, some agencies do use Cracker to promote their girls but this is usually stated within the text of the advert.

Obviously, escorts booked via an agency can be more expensive but generally speaking you will be able to get the best prices for a full service using Cracker. The only problem is that out call services are usually for a minimum duration of an hour.

What areas does Cracker Canberra cover?

One of the limitations with using Cracker is that there are very few ways to filter the numerous adverts, so searching for a specific area isn’t easy.

find escort in canberra

Cracker has escorts across Canberra, in Fyshwick, Reid and Kingston. Image via website.

Each advert usually has an area specified which appears in brackets at the end of the headline listing.

However, browsing all of the ads by date listed can be a big headache if you are looking for something specific. Using the keyword search function to apply an area of your choosing is simple. Just type in your specified district and only those ads that mention your keyword will be returned.

canberra escorts on cracker

Searching for a specific area is simple. Image via website.

You can find escorts for both in-call and out call services in all of the major districts around Canberra, including:

  • Fyshwick
  • Reid
  • CBD
  • Kingston
  • Braddon
  • Griffith
  • Forrest
  • Narrabundah
  • Queanbeyan
  • Barton
  • Mitchell
  • Dickson
  • Tuggeranong

What’s the best way to make contact with escorts from Cracker

Most escorts don’t respond to text messages or pick up private/withheld numbers so always man up and call an escort from your actual phone line. Don’t worry too much about discretion as most women in the game fully understand this part of their role.

Arranging a service, you should be clear about any requests you have as well as prices before agreeing either an in-call or outcall visit. If she is coming to you then you might want to suggest a suitable place for parking and request that she comes discretely dressed if this is an issue.

If you get the feeling that something fishy is going on when you are arranging the call then don’t feel bad about backing out of the agreement. You need to go with your gut feel and, although scams are reasonably rare they still happen. One of the most common is the old ‘bait and switch’; when you are lured in to booking an escort based on some super-hot pictures only to be presented with a mule of a woman when you arrive at her place. If this happens, walk away; unless you’re not that fussy but don’t be paying top dollar for the scrape of the barrel.

canberra escorts on cracker

Searching for a specific area is simple. Image via website.

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