Don’t Be That John!

So you want to schedule an appointment with a luscious Melbourne escort.

Are you a clueless first timer?

If you are, I am going to help things go smoothly during the process of booking. There are just certain things you don’t do.

If you want a hang up in your face, or ‘do not answer (DNA)’ next to your number in a Melbourne escort’s phone, then avoid the following:

It’s Business, Honey

Personal information is just that… personal.

Do not ask an escort for her personal information. Do not try to pry in to her personal life.  Please understand the connection you share with your escort is purely professional. Being a first timer, you may think you have made an intimate connection, but realize this is only an illusion.

And I-L-L-U-S-I-O-N.

It’s what we do. So don’t ask what an escort’s real name is. Or about her family or background. Simply don’t do it!

Keep it Subtle!

Do not call an escort talking about explicit sexual activity.

That is a huge no no.

If you want to be hung up on immediately, and if being hung up on in your face is your goal then by all means — go ahead.

Honestly, you shouldn’t do it simply because it is downright rude. Most times any information of that nature is obtained from the escort’s website. If you have a particular fetish, bring it up in a professional and polite tone. And for your FYI we know when you are beating your meat over the phone.

We hear the fap fap.

You Will be Screened. It’s Not Personal!

Please guys: adhere to the screening process.

This process is in place for a reason. We did not implement it for your torture, or to give you a hard time. We simply want to know you are whom you say you are, and we are safe in your presence.

Avoid Confirming the Appointment 7 Times

Your appointment is not D-Day. Maybe it is for you, but not for us.

Do not continually call or text us days prior to a scheduled appointment. It is not necessary. Should anything change with your escort’s schedule, she will let you know in a professional and courteous manner. You should only make contact if there are changes on your end. 

Got it, gents?!

So don’t be that John!

Do any of the things above and it makes you that guy, and a total douche in our eyes.

We realize some guys really are clueless, especially newbies. But we also have guys that call and do it just for the hell of it to see how far they can go with it. If you want a successful appointment, I suggest avoiding any of the above tactics.

It won’t go well. I promise you!

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