Escort Terminology: The Acronyms Explained!

Dear First Time Client,

Visit an escort website, check the Services page, and prepare to be confused.

Just what exactly is a CIM? A GFE? HTUMA?

Confused by the escort jargon?

You are not alone.

Escort terminology is taken for granted on many agency and independent websites. If you don’t know your GFE from your PSE, this crash course may prevent some embarrassing mishaps.

Where sex is concerned, you don’t want your most intimate urges lost in translation. Understanding the escort lingo is a must.

I once received an email from a client who mistook CIM (cumming in the mouth) for a group of sexually transmitted infections. Being a sufferer of one particularly gruesome symptom, he saw a CIM-happy lady as far more liberal than she – or any escort – should be.

Needless to say, the mix up caused quite an embarrassment. I can imagine his night climaxed with his own right hand and a slightly fatter wallet.

Alas, I thought this post must be necessary…

Escort Terminology: Acronyms and Terms to Remember

3G – “Get In. Get Off. Get Out”. The sort of offence your wife would slap you for.

411 – Information and intel. If you were to request details on an escort over a messageboard, you might start the topic with 411 [Her Name].

420 Friendly – An ASP who will smoke marijuana with you. Be careful. These providers are likely to attract far more attention from the law.

A-Level / Greek – Anal sex.

AMP – Asian Maassage Parlour.

ASP – Adult Service Provider.

ATF – “All Time Favourite”

ATM – Ass To Mouth. Transitioning from anal to oral (penis, finger or toy).

B&S – Bait And Switch. A negative term for an escort who did not appear as advertised or described.

BBBJ – Bareback Blowjob. Oral without a condom, also known as Un-Translated French (UTF)

BBBJNQNS – Bareback Blowjob No Quit No Spit – Unprotected oral sex performed to the end, with swallowing.

BBBJTC – Bareback Blowjob To Completion (aka CIM). Unprotected oral sex performed to the end, with spitting or swallowing.

BBBJTCWS – Bareback Blowjob To Completion With Swallow.

BBBJWF – Bareback Blowjob With Facial.

BBFS – Full sex without a condom.

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman. For clientele that prefer fuller figures and overweight women.

BJ – Blowjob.

BL – Body Lick.

BLS – Ball Licking & Sucking.

BS – Body Slide. Massage service where the ASP slides over the client’s oiled body.

CBJ – Covered Blowjob. blowjob using a condom, also known as Translated French (TF).

CBT – Cock & Ball Torture.

CC Rider – Used to describe an escort who provides full intercourse for less than $200/hr.

CD – Cross Dresser.

CDS – Covered Doggy Style. Sex in doggy position with a condom.

CFM – “Come Fuck Me”. Refers to the look of the escort, often used on forums to describe a good PSE.

CFS – Covered Full Service. Sex with a condom.

CID – Cum In Deep. Sex without a condom, ends with cumming inside her.

CIH – Cum In Hair. (Sheesh! Arguably the most detestable act of all!)

CIM – Cumming in the mouth.

CL – Craig’s List. The classifieds website.

CMD – “Carpet Matches Drapes”. Used to describe a natural blonde.

CMP – Chinese Massage Parlour.

CMT – Certified Massage Therapist. Do not assume that all CMTs are ASPs!

COB – Cum On Body.

COH – Cum On Hair.

DATO – “Dine at the O”. Analingus.

DATY – “Dine at the Y”. Cunnilingus.

DDE – Doesn’t Do Extras.

DDF – Drug and Disease Free. Hopefully this goes without saying!

DDG – Drop Dead Gorgeous.

DDP – Double Digit Penetration.

DT – Deep Throat. Oral sex where the entire penis is taken in the mouth. Terms and conditions may apply for any 12 inch monsters out there!

DFE – Dead Fish Experience. A derogatory term for a poor performance.

DFF – Dead Fish Fuck.

DFK – Deep French Kissing. Lots of tongue contact, associated with the girlfriend experience (GFE).

DIY – Do It Yourself. Masturbation.

DP – Double Penetration or Digital Penetration. Ask if confused!

DS – Doggy Style.

EE – Erotic Enema.

EMP – European Massage Parlour.

F2F – Female To Female.

F2M – Female To Male.

FBSM – Full Body Sensual Massage. Sometimes ends with a handjob, may include body sliding.

FFF – “Find Them, Fuck Them, Forget Them.”

FIV – Finger In Vagina.

FJ – Foot Job.

FK – French Kissing.

FL – Freelance. No agency involved.

FMF – A threesome with two females, one male.

FOBU – “Fat Old Bald Ugly”

FOTC – Fuck of The Century. What every PSE escort wants to see in her forum reviews!

FR – Field Report. A detailed report of time spent with the escort.

FS – Full Service. Sex to completion.

FTF – “Fun To Fuck”

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt. A term for trolling often seen on forums where members provide false information and set out to harm the reputation of an ASP.

FUTB – Finger Up The Butt.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience. Many clients do not feel comfortable with the blunt reality of paying for sex, or a monetary transaction. The girlfriend experience describes a session that resembles how you might behave with a loving partner; more intimacy; less booty lashings; less swinging from the chandeliers.

GF3 – Girlfriend Experience with oral, anal and full sex.

GND – Girl Next Door. Used to describe the ‘cute’ look.

GOG – Girl On Girl.

GS – Golden Shower. Urinating on a partner.

GSM – G-Spot Massage.

HC – High Class.

HE – Happy Ending.

HJ – Hand Job.

HM – “High Mileage.” A derogatory term for ASPs that may be seeing or feeling the effects of too long in the industry.

HME – Honeymoon Experience. Used by agencies to describe an experience supposedly even more intense than the GFE.

HTUMA – His/Her Tongue Up My Ass. Analingus.

HWP – Height & Weight Proportional. The ASP is normal build.

IPO – Initial Public Offering. Crude term for introduction of a new escort.

ISO – “In Search Of…”

K9 – “Canine”. Doggy style sex.

L/A/S – Looks / Attitude / Service.

LFK – Light French Kissing. Tongue but not deep.

LK – Light Kissing. No tongues.

LMP – Licensed Massage Practitioner. Not necessarily an ASP.

LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist. Not necessarily an ASP.

LTR – Long Term Relationship. Occasionally an escort will accept exclusivity with a client in exchange for regular payments. This is dubbed an LTR.

M2F – Male To Female.

M2M – Male To Male.

MFF – Threesome with one male, two females.

MFM – Threesome with two males, one female.

MG – Massage Girl.

MIB – Man In Blue. A law enforcement officer.

MILF – “Mum I’d Like To Fuck.”

MSOG – “Multiple Shots On Goal”. So, you think you can cum more than once? SOmetimes referred to as “Multiple Pops”.

MP – Massage Parlour or Multiple Positions.

MPA – Massage Parlour Attendant.

MPCFS – Multiple Positions Covered Full Service.

MPOS – Multiple Positions Oral Sex.

MSOG – “Multiple Shots On Goal”. Climax more than once.

NC/NS – No Call or No Show.

NGP – Not Genuine Photos.

NMG – No-Money Guys. Clients with low budgets.

NQBC – Non-Quitter But Covered. Protected oral sex to completion, no quitting.

NQBS – Non-Quitter But Spitter. Unprotected oral sex to completion but with spitting.

NQNS – No Quit No Spit. Unprotected oral sex to completion with swallow.

NSA – No Strings Attached.

OTC – Oral To Completion.

OVK – Over The Knee Spanking.

OVN – Overnight.

OWO – Oral Without A Condom.

OWOTC – Oral Without a Condom To Completion.

P4P – Pay For Play

PIITB – Put It In The Butt

PIV – Penis In Vagina.

POS – Pussy On The Side. In reference to clients with girlfriends or wives.

PS – Private Show.

PSE – Porn Star Experience. The opposite of the GFE. If you can imagine the scene unfolding in the extreme annals of PornHub, it likely counts as a PSE. Often ends in COF or CIM.

PV – Private Viewing. Striptease session.

R&T – Rub And Tug. A massage followed by a handjob.

RCA – Reverse Cowgirl Anal.

RCG – Reverse Cowgirl.

REV – Review. Prefix used on forum threads to indicate a review of an ASP.

RLD – Red Light District.

ROB – Rip Off Bitch. Reserved for scam artists who take the cash without providing the service.

RTF – Return To Fuck. Repeat client.

SAFE – Any sexual activity conducted with safety measures in place, such as condoms, dental dams. This should come as a default, but sadly it doesn’t.

SFH – Sex For Hire.

SG – Street Girl.

SOG – “Shots On Goal”. Orgasm attempts.

SOMF – Sat On My Face.

SP – Service Provider.

SRS – Sexual Reassignment Surgery. Used to describe transexual.

ST – Short Time.

STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease. Aim to avoid!

SW – Street Walker. Soliciting sex on the street.

SYT – Sweet Young Thing. A young and usually cute ASP.

TAMP – Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlour.

TG – Transgender. Includes transvestites, transexuals, shemales and CDs.

TGTBT – Too Good To Be True.

TF – Translated French. Protected oral sex.

TS – Transexual.

TTA – Tight Tan Ass.

TUMA – Tongue Up My Ass.

TV – Transvestite.

TVSW – Transvestite Street Walker.

UTF – Untranslated French. Unprotected oral sex.

UTR – Under The Radar. A term given to ASPs who do not seek attention on forums, blogs or in advertisements.

WAH – Wild Ass Humping.

WF – Wild Fuck.

WG – Working Girl (prostitute).

WOA – Word Of Advice.

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. Used to describe ASPs with varying reviews of good and bad.

As you can see, it pays to know your GFEs from your DFEs. Keep this in mind when hiring an escort.


Got all that? I hope it removes some of the confusion!

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