FS vs. GFE vs. PSE

So, if you are a new client, hobbyist, punter (or whatever you choose to call yourself), you may wonder what exactly comes with these lettered abbreviations you see everywhere….

You’ll see girls offering GFE or PSE services all the time.

We will throw in the two-letter abbreviation FS, and I am going to give you a run down of each one.

Sometime girls will say they do something when they don’t – and they may even charge you extra for it. So you need to know what the sessions are and what they entail.

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is my personal service. It’s what I offer gentlemen.

Now when a gentleman seeks a true GFE experience, he is guaranteed the following: kissing, French kissing, bare back blow job (bbbj) and Dining at the Y (DATY). The girlfriend experience is exactly as the name references: you treat your lady as if she were your girlfriend, and (hopefully!) she responds in kind.

You kiss, touch, feel and make love. It’s very passionate, emotional and intimate. Some even take it to the point of dinner and a show on the town. The occasion starts as more than just sex. Then they go and make love. The GFE experience is not a cold, emotionless and meaningless act. There is passion and feeling behind it.

The Porn Star Experience (PSE)

The Porn Star Experience is quite similar to the GFE but you have a few kinky additions.

Most girls that offer PSE services do more risqué services than the GFE. They may do anal (Greek), Russian (titty fuck), BBBJ, CIM (cum in mouth), and facials – and there is even a rare few that offer bareback services. Now I am not saying you won’t find a GFE that offers some of these services but it is rare to find one that offers all of them. You have to think the name porn star.

You are asking to experience what you see in porn in real-time… except you’re the star. Most girls who offer this service are actually porn stars and they charge big money.

Full Service (FS)

Full Service (FS)… is quite misleading.

FS is almost the exact opposite of the GFE and PSE. Everything is condom covered including the blowjob. There is no kissing, usually. You more than likely will have to use a dental dam to go down on her.

Full service is a very sterile procedure. If you want a get on and get off quickly then full service could be for you, but don’t expect an intimate bond (or a porn star rush).

If you are paying good money, you should get exactly what you pay for. Be sure to ask the provider before meeting of her limits. Best to know what you’re getting before you get it, right?

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