How to Get on an Escort’s Shit List

Some men believe that escorts are nothing more than a product paid for and something they can do with, as they will.

Escorts are not products.

Escorts offer a service.

So when you are making arrangements, if you fall under any of the categories below then you need to rethink your motives before making that appointment if you want a good time.

The Haggler

So you think your chosen escort is a little pricey?

Most men are more than happy to pay the price of an escort. But at some point there will always be that one known as the haggler. He feels entitled. Do you think it’s okay to try and negotiate a lower price? Well, it’s not. It is insulting and rude. These women work for a living. Escorting is their profession. And when the rate states non-negotiable you are not the exception to the rule.

Escorts have rent and bills just like you.

The Stinker

It should not even need to be mentioned however; hygiene is of the utmost importance. Gentlemen, please shower before you arrive. Sun ripened berries only taste good off the vine, not the ones between your legs. It is not okay to go play soccer with the boys then go see your escort. If you do not have time and you’re going straight to your provider, call her and ask if it is okay to use her shower before the session. There is not one provider that would say no. If anything, you are likely to get a more pleasurable session. I always appreciated gentlemen who took the time.

Gentlemen who are smokers, I am not attacking – but please try to refrain from smoking for at least 2 or 3 hours before the appointment, and eat a Tic Tac or two.

As a provider myself, I would keep a gift baggy for my gents with little hygiene kits. It is hard for a provider to be sexy and hold her breath at the same time. If your provider has taken her time to get ready and be pretty and smelling like fresh cut flowers, the least you could do is shower and brush your teeth.

The Bare Man

Seriously, I’m not sure how guys even form their mouth to ask for bareback services. It is potentially dangerous to both parties involved. Now if you see this is offered on an escort’s menu, then that’s their choice otherwise it is a subject not to be touched.

Those who like to do the whole ”just let me stick my head in.” NO! And do not try being sneaky while doing it from behind slipping the condom off. We have seen it all. So there is no point trying.

The Refunder

Okay, listen carefully when I say it is not okay to ask an escort for any type of refund. If you pop in 5 minutes when you paid for an hour, and you’re a one hit wonder, then sorry. It is not the fault of your escort. She is there to please you and give you the best time ever. If you get yours then she did what she was supposed to do.

I have had gentlemen do this before. It is very uncomfortable. A guy paid for 30 minutes of my time and he finished in 2 minutes. Now he is more than welcome to stay and chitchat or we can go again. But he was upset. He knew he wasn’t going to get it up again and he was probably over excited. But it is not the escort’s fault.

Just don’t ask. It’s not even worth it.

The Boundary Breaker

Rules are NOT meant to be broken. Do not ask an escort to go past her designated boundaries. If she offers then okay, but if she doesn’t? End of discussion and drop it.

Those who fit any of the above descriptions should not see an escort. It will not be pleasurable for her, and it certainly won’t be for you.

Your actions play a big role in our response. Guys who treated me nicely got a first class skyrocket trip into heaven. Those who treated me poorly got the bare minimum. We are women first and foremost. These ladies deserve the same respect and courtesy as you would give to any other woman in your every day life.

I will share a secret with you. You treat your companion with respect and courtesy… and she’ll treat you like a king.

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