How To Impress An Escort

Are you looking to make a lasting impression with one of Melbourne’s fine escorts?

Most guys like to just show up and do the deed, and of course that is an option.

But if you want to make a lasting impression, go the extra mile, and perhaps get a slice of extra quality service in return, then here are 5 tips to impress an escort.

1. Learn about her — do your research.

You may gloss over her website in the initial contact phase. But if you want to make her feel really special, go in and really read her website. Get a feel for what makes her tick.

She will be flattered you took the time to read her website and get to know her. But don’t recite her website profile word for word or you may come off… stalkerish.

A sense of character is one thing, a detailed chronological record of her every move is another thing altogether!

2. Don’t be so serious. Allow a laugh or two!

Some guys greet their escorts with a serious look on their face as if some kind of apocalypse is coming.

Come on, gents! Girls love humour.

Your typical Melbourne escort is no exception.

A joke, or self-deprecating manner, lightens the mood and makes things go smoother.

3. Dress to impress.

Come nicely groomed and smelling nice. Don’t ever show up sweaty or disgusting.

If you find you are coming from work or the gym, tell your escort prior to showing up looking like a sweaty mess. I am sure she will allow you to use the shower, but don’t just show up looking as if you’ve recently escaped a car crash.

4. Confidence is good.

Women love men who are confident and smart.

We understand that some guys choose escorts because they don’t have confidence to go out and smooth talk a woman at a bar.

That’s fine, but it doesn’t change what most women like.

My best advice for confidence? Fake it until you make it!

5. Come bearing gifts. 

It’s not required to bring gifts, but it is nice.

Bringing a gift or giving a little extra toward the donation is a good way to make a lasting impression with your escort.

Melbourne escorts like it when their clients are considerate and thoughtful enough to do a little something extra.

If you’re asking yourself — I’m paying for sex, why would I want to impress her?

I will tell you. You get a lot more perks by using the tips above.

You go a little over your time? She is less likely to kick you out right away. And as you know with a lot of escorts, your mileage may vary (YMMV).

If you’re extra nice, she may be extra nice to you.

The law of reciprocation is pretty relevant when it comes to impressing an escort 😉

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