How to Make an Escort Like You

I want to touch on a subject that, as an escort, I found extremely irritating.

Hopefully this will help you should you encounter the situation.

Example: Let’s say you’ve shared a memorable night in Melbourne with the escort of your wildest dreams. It was fantastic and everything you ever thought it would be. You bonded and connected.

Fast-forward 6 months down the line and you decide you want that encounter again.

And you call your escort, and you tell her you had a fabulous time with her. And you would like to recreate the magic. But wait…

She has no clue who you are or what you are talking about.

This is offensive to you, and naturally, you lose your damn mind in one almighty bitch fit.


Please understand we talk to potentially 100s of guys every month and maybe a quarter of them actually book.

Everything starts to run together, and sometimes we won’t remember you.


If you really want to be memorable to your escort here some tips to help you out.

Make the date stand out in her head.

Aim to impress!

I had a great experience with a gentleman who invited me to visit him at his outcall location. When I arrived he had a luxurious room service meal, flowers, candles and a lovely bottle of wine waiting for me. We had a great time. And I never forgot him because he did those small little things. And I remember him fondly. So do something other than come in and strip off your clothes and go straight to business, because then you are competing with 95% of her other clients.

If you want to be remembered, you’ve got to be memorable.

Surprise your escort with something unexpected.

I had a gentleman come see me on my birthday. Granted I saw a couple of others that day, but I remember him because he put my donation in a birthday card with a puppy on it. And he also included a big tip. I remember him not only because he saw me on my birthday but that card was so adorable, and I still think about him.

And if he called me tomorrow I would know exactly who he is.

Don’t be afraid to share small but memorable details.

I once had a client who was retired from the NFL. I will never forget him for that reason — he was Mr Ex-NFL. Not to mention his body was covered in unique tats. He sticks out in my head because it’s not every day someone from the NFL books time with me. I would remember him based or his unique tats. It’s not too often I have gentlemen in his early 60s wearing a tatted sleeve.

We remember what’s unique about the guys we meet. So if you want to be remembered, give us something to remember you by. Or enter the NFL. Or get a tattoo. Your call!

If you want one of Melbourne’s siren escorts to remember your encounter, the bottom line is you have to make it memorable.

Don’t just come in and do whatever the other guy just before you did.

Remember we do this on a daily basis.

If all else fails, you can try leaving a sizable tip.

Those who make our work pay… tend to be the most memorable.

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