How Your Profile Picture Can Help You Get Laid

Looking to get laid online? Choosing your profile picture is, how shall we say this?


It is a first visual impression.

So you want to make a good one.

Most times, women won’t even bother to look at the rest of the profile if the picture fails to spark their fire. I’m sure the same applies for you guys.

Here are some profile picture tips to help you enjoy more success on hookup sites:

Don’t post a photo without paying attention to the surrounding area of the photo.

Face it guys, some of you make yourself out to be slobs. A girl is not going to respond if you look like you live in a dumpster or junkyard. Take a picture in an area that is nice and neat.

Remove beer cans from the background where necessary.

I’d recommend Photoshop, or a bin liner.

Whatever is easier.

Don’t use cropped photos.

The first thing a woman is going to notice is that the photo is cropped and the second thought is… what was cropped out the photo? Was it an ex girlfriend or someone you dated?

Avoid mauling photos from the first year of your marriage ‘just because you look good in it’ and use a different photo.

Don’t take a photo with a wad of cash in your hand.

What is it with this tactic?!


So you just cashed your paycheck for the week and decided to get the check in all one dollar bills. And we’re supposed to be impressed?

Congratulations, and thank you trusty back button.

Another no-no:

Don’t take a picture in front of some hot little car that you were checking out at your local car dealership. We can see the corners of your beady little eyes getting ready to run as the true owner of said Ballermobile approaches the lot…

The half naked or naked photo sends the wrong impression.

It’s not that we don’t like the look of your body, but it makes you seem a little too in to yourself. Women tend to go for guys who don’t take themselves so seriously.

Play it casual.

If you can find a way to sneak your body in the picture without overtly showing it off — congratulations, that’s a winning technique!

‘The face’, you know the one I am talking about.

The face that says “I am all that. I am hard. I am a playa.”

Don’t use that face.

Smile in a photo. Show some enthusiasm and emotion. It makes you look far more approachable.

Even on hookup sites, women find ‘approachable’ a winner.

Drugs and alcohol in a photo limits your appeal. Severely.

I suggest refraining from using photos of you doing any kind of drugs or alcohol. It makes you look sketchy. It makes you look very sketchy.

And sketchy is a bad quality on a hookup site that is already associated to profound quantities of sketchiness. Avoid!


First impressions are everything.

Your profile picture is the entry ticket to a slightly longer window of attention that most women won’t afford you if you scare the living bejesus out of her with the first pic!

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