Melbourne Hookers: Where to Find Street Prostitutes

The world’s oldest profession, prostitution in Melbourne has been around since the days when female convicts first arrived to Australia’s shores.

Illegal until the turn of the 20th century, prostitution was tolerated as a ‘necessary evil’. However, the sex industry continued to thrive and is now a major economy in the city spread across the brothels, sex shops and massage parlours of Melbourne.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Melbourne hookers, ‘whores’ and street prostitutes. Including where to find them (if you are that way inclined), as well as several websites frequented by Melbourne prostitutes.

Red Light Districts: Where to Find Melbourne Hookers and Whores

Melbourne Hookers and Whores: Inside the red light district...

Melbourne Hookers and Whores: Inside the red light district…


We need to make this clear:

Selling sex on the street is illegal in Melbourne and soliciting the services of a hooker can land you in hot water with the local law enforcement.

We highly recommend you think twice before pursuing ‘full service’ in this way, especially when there are so many excellent legal and licensed brothels in town.

If you are in the business of paying for whores, there are plenty of safer ways of achieving this instead of crawling the streets.

That said, there are still plenty of areas in the city where street prostitutes congregate, just as there are in most major cities.

To some punters, the thrill of picking up prostitutes the ‘old school’ way still holds its appeal.

Historically the St Kilda area has been known as the red-light district of Melbourne with perhaps the most famous street being Grey Street.

During daylight hours this grand residential thoroughfare seems an unlikely hotspot for street walkers but, despite police clampdowns, is still a popular haunt for hookers, whores, pimps and just about every character inbetween.

There are three ‘hooker’s corners’ on Grey Street that are popular; Dalgety Street, Robe Street and Barkly Street (near the National Theatre).

You can see street prostitutes in these areas during the day and night but the police presence is increased after dark, particularly on weekends. They operate from marked and unmarked cars owing to complaints from the residents about Melbourne’s street prostitution.

You can also find street prostitutes down by St Kilda beach on Fitzroy Street near Catani Gardens. Again, as a popular tourist location the police tend to clamp down hard in these areas particularly on a weekend.

King Street, as you might expect, is also a popular hotspot.

Prices on the street are much lower than in a licensed bordello and this is one of the reasons why the activity is still thriving; that and the illicit thrill of picking up a sex worker from the street.

You can expect to pay as little as $20 for a blowjob and just $50 for sex in your car.

The legalisation of brothels means that, to get a client, street whores generally have to charge way lower than what a client would expect to pay for comfort and privacy in a brothel.

This should pose some obvious questions to johns who still use hookers off the street, such as… why couldn’t she get work in a brothel?

Melbourne Hooker Websites

The licensed sex trade in Melbourne is full-to-bursting with a high turnover of new escorts arriving on a daily basis from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Many will start working in a brothel as well as freelancing by advertising online.

The internet has plenty of sites which list the services of freelance escorts that are available for outcalls or who offer their own accommodation. The variety of escorts can vary significantly depending on what you are prepared to pay with premium services starting at $180 per hour and ranging to over $1000 for high class hookers.

What are some of the best options for high end hookers?


We’ll start at the top end with Paramour, an exclusive escort agency, which prides itself on being Australia’s most expensive service. Offering only high-class girls, Paramour’s ladies offer GFE, PSE and a whole range of specialist services from couples and threesomes to models, one-on-one and teen escorts. They have ladies who milk prostates, use strap-ons and dole out punishment with BDSM experience. From naughty nurses to French maids, playboy bunnies to sexy strippers there is something for everyone but only if you’ve got the budget to suit. Models start at $700 per hour with fresh faced, eager newbies being a ‘bargain’ $180 per hour.

Clearly, NOT the sort of prices you would expect on the street!

Scarlet Blue

A small step down but still providing high end escorts, Scarlet Blue is a searchable database of privately advertising call girls. Rates start at a slightly lower $120 per hour and can go as high as $650. The site is free to browse and allows you to access photos, bios and contact details. The benefit of using a service like this is that the details are, most often, verified and you can access reviews. The prices may be higher than off the street but you can be guaranteed a certain level of service.

For more on higher end call girls, see our Melbourne escorts guide.

Finding Prostitutes on the Free Classifieds

Locanto, Craigslist and Backpage all offer free personal classifieds, many of which are populated with escort services.

Whilst Locanto and Backpage have an escort section, you will need to browse the personals in Craiglist a little more carefully.

Some listings are published by women who are horny for a casual encounter so you won’t need to pay (but may need to charm) whilst others are adverts run by working girls.

The sites each have around 300 listings arranged by date added to the site so, whilst there aren’t the premium features of being able to filter, you can see who has been most active recently. 

Exercise caution when using the free classifieds as many advertisers use fake photographs to entice their customers in. Rates vary significantly but you can expect to pay much less than the premium escort agencies with the average being around $100 per hour.

Those links for you:

In general, it is much safer to use the various adult personals and classifieds than it is to go picking girls off the street.

Not least because it keeps you on the right side of the law.

Have you used a Melbourne hooker or street prostitute?

Are there any other red light districts around the city that we haven’t mentioned in our summary of the most notorious prostitution spots?

Let us know in the comments.

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