Perth Hookers: Where to Find Street Prostitutes?

Perth is one of the world’s most isolated cities. With a population of over 1 million people and, because of its isolation and history of prospecting, it can sometimes have the feeling of the old Wild West.

Street prostitution in and around the city is rife and anyone looking for a hooker in Perth will usually find one.

While we do not recommend using street prostitutes, the reality is that many men continue to use Perth hookers. It’s the oldest trade in the world, after all. This guide is thus drawn from information widely documented around the web.

Perth Red Light District: Where Are the Street Prostitutes?

Perth hookers and whores

A guide to the Perth prostitution scene

Whilst there is no red-light district, as such, the Northbridge area is well known for catering for the Perth sex industry.

Along the streets you can find massage parlours, brothels and strip clubs. 

It’s an area reputed as the capital of Perth’s night time entertainment so it is little wonder that this influx of tourists, city dwellers and locals is attractive for street prostitutes, hookers and whores too.

There are a lot of sex shops in the Northbridge area and you tend to find the streets around these can attract prostitutes late in the evening. They tend to find it good business looking for a man who has just stepped out of a sex shop with a magazine in hand…

In addition to Northbridge you can also find Perth hookers plying their trade in Highgate, most notably on Lincoln, Broome and Stirling Street.

It’s a popular area but is also known to attract the local law enforcement too. As an additional deterrent, the local council, City of Vincent, operates a naming and shaming page on their website. Anyone caught soliciting sex in their borough will have their details published online.

(Yet another reason why you’re walking a seriously fine line by choosing to use a street prostitute.)

It’s worth remembering that whilst prostitution is legal in Perth, there are some grey areas surrounding the industry, and soliciting from the street is definitely considered illicit.

Street prices average out at about $140 for half an hour or $225 for an hour though Highgate tends to be a little less expensive.

Men who are prepared to travel will often visit the parochial city of Kalgoorlie.

Long established with the sex industry, prostitutes used to flock to the area to service the mainly male population. Historically a working man’s capital, Kalgoorie is home to Australia’s oldest brothel but since a relaxation in the laws, the place is now predominantly a kitsch tourist attraction.

Street prostitution thrives in both the old red-light district of Hay Street but also pretty much anywhere in town after dark.

Websites Used by Perth Hookers

If you are simply looking for sex in Perth, without caring whether you need to pay for the privilege, then there are a number of websites that can be relied on for finding a casual encounter.

Adult Friend Finder: Find Prostitutes

Unlike a brothel, you don’t have to pay a house fee and be seen leaving by a neighbour.

This famous website has listings from prostitutes who work for themselves. They get to name their fee, choose where to work from and decide on the clients and services they provide.

Owned by Adult Friend Finder, Find Prostitutes is free to register with but premium features need to be paid for.


With classified personal ads across Australia, Cracker is home to a large selection of escorts and prostitutes working out of the Perth area.

The ads are free to browse and free to place making them unqualified with neither user ratings or moderator approval. As such, the quality of the ads varies significantly and whether the photos and details are genuine is anyone’s guess.

However, if you are prepared to take a punt then you can find yourself paying less than via a brothel or on the street.

Private Girls

Home to independent escorts working more upper-class rates, Private Girls showcases some stunning prostitutes who can service outcalls as well as play host to clients in their own accommodation.

There is a great deal of information on each lady that is available for free including a contact telephone number. Some girls include videos and most provide plenty of photographs along with details of what they will do to get you off. Rates are usually listed in the listings and vary significantly but average at about $500 for an hour and upwards of $1000 for three hours.

My Playmate

A relatively new directory of escorts in Perth, My Playmate is more of a directory of other agencies so you don’t always get free contacts.

What you do get is a central database of masseurs, escorts and agencies in Perth.

Some listings do have a lot of detail whilst others will redirect you to other sites. Take ladyboy Nikita for example, she has plenty of photos, a full bio and you can get her contact details directly from the site. Available 24 hours a day everyday she charges $850 for a half hour and $950 for an hour. High end stuff.

For those who are willing to pay for a private companion type experience, something more akin to a ‘girlfriend experience’ than a porn star experience, then we’d recommend checking out this Perth escorts listings.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the best escort agencies in WA.

Do you use street prostitutes in Perth? Or have you used one in the past?

Are there any hooker hot spots we’ve missed?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences below.

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