Private Girls Review

Fed up with going to a brothel or using the free classifieds to find an escort?

Private Girls Australia cuts out all the middle men and takes you straight to the stable. An online directory of independent escorts, you won’t be paying house or agency fees if you go use private girls.

Established a decade ago, Private Girls is free to use and gives you access to comprehensive profiles of independent working girls. Our guide talks you through what the website has to offer and how to use it.

Private Girls Australia is one the leading online directories through which escorts advertise their services from Perth to Darwin, Hobart to Adelaide and everywhere in between.

The site specialises in advertising the services of independent escorts and was set up in January 2007 by webmaster, Serena who is based in Perth. Serena recognised that there was a plethora of classified websites that offered space for working girls to advertise but that didn’t quite fit the requirements.

Sites like Craigslist, Locanto and Cracker as well as plenty of local sites all offered cheap (if not free) advertising opportunities but without the bells and whistles afforded to the big directors or websites used by escort agencies.

With prior knowledge of the sex industry as both a personal assistant and escort operator, Serena founded Private Girls Australia  focusing on giving working girls an exciting and dynamic platform to advertise themselves.

Not only that but, with a team of over a dozen people working on the site, Private Girls also gives each of the girls advice on how to run their business, put together the best photos and other advice on being an independent escort in Perth (or anywhere else in Australia).

The basic premise is simple.

The girls register for the service and get experienced help in putting together a classy advert. The team help make sure that each listing is as comprehensive as possible, that photos are of a high standard and of good quality along with full details of services provided, rates charged and areas covered.

The result?

sex perth independent escort services

Plenty of girls to choose from on Independent Escorts

It’s a win-win situation for the girls and the customers.

What Private Girls Australia offers the escorts is the chance to get high quality, national coverage on a well put together website with a high amount of traffic. The customer gets the opportunity to browse a large selection of independent escorts with a catalogue of information (like you might find from a good brothel’s website) so they can make an informed choice. Given that services and prices are all well documented on the site, there is less potential for any misunderstandings on arrival.

It works because a lot of guys don’t want to go a brothel but prefer dealing with an escort directly yet finding one and getting good information in advance can be difficult.

How can you contact a girl through Private Girls?

Each profile listing is unique but all of the girls can be contacted using the email function online.

However many of the escorts also include personal website information along with contact telephone numbers. You would make contact with the escort in the usual way and arrange an out-call meeting (or in-house) as is mutually convenient.

It is recommended that you mention ‘Private Girls Australia’ when responding to any advert as this can sometimes get you a discount.

How much does Private Girls Perth charge?

Well, for the client, it’s free.

The directory charges the escorts for their adverts which can also help to ensure that only those escorts who operate a legitimate service are using it. This is not a free for all platform where anyone can post an advert with no vetting.

Whilst this means that you are less likely to be involved in any ‘bait and switch’ scams, you are likely to see that the prices for the girls is on the high side.

Why use Private Girls?

The main advantage of using the website is that you get access to a lot of women at once.

It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop browsing the available escorts. Plus, the fact that they have paid for their adverts makes these private girls more legitimate than finding a flyer stuck up in the gents.

The added bonus is that the images used to advertise are mostly verified (it states whether they are on the profile) so you wont get a nasty surprise when your escort turns up. Plus, it’s free.


The site also incorporates a reviews section which gives you some feedback about whether a girls services are worth paying for.

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