Safety Tips For Booking an Escort

Escorting provides quite a mix of women to choose from. More than any man could expect to find in a single bar!

However, with that variety there will always be bad seeds. It makes the rest of us look bad, which can fuel an unsavoury attitude towards escorts in general.

As an escort, I must maintain my integrity and safety. And you should too. It’s important to stay safe. We are not all little docile vixens, sadly…

Some escorts are cold, calculating, manipulative and downright nasty pieces of work.

First consideration, STDs.

You are engaging in sexual acts with women that do this for a living. While most of us practice safe sex, there are many who do not care. Crazy, isn’t it? These women are probably strung out on drugs and will do anything to get their next fix. Look at arms and if you see track marks, walk away. Fast.

There are those who offer bareback as a service, but even if you are both completely clean, would you really want to leave that to chance?. Practicing safe sex is the only way to be 100%.

Choose a reputable escort agency or independent escort. We’ve got some great agencies listed in our various escort sections.

Look for a provider with a good reputation. Check websites. See if they look up to date.

It is unfortunate but some shady escorts are known to pull whats known as a bait and switch. They use someone else’s photos with the head chopped off. When you get there, it’s not the girl in the photo, and yet unbelievably some guys arrive and stay no matter if it’s the girl in the picture or not.

Hardly a position of trust…

Now bear in mind that there are girls out there who lure guys in to dangerous traps where a pimp or boyfriend will rob you – or worse. You need to do your due-diligence on the person you are seeing. Check online to see if they have good reviews, or any reviews period.

There are plenty of review sites for independents, agencies, and massage parlours. Guys are more than eager to spill the beans on who is the best and who is not so good. Use the community to stay safe.

Look at sites like Punter Planet and The Erotic Review. Check the provider that’s tickling your fancy and see if someone has already had an encounter. They may have some revealing insights…

Cash up front is usually a given with independents.

However, lots of agencies want payment before meeting.

When paying money beforehand, you want to be doubly certain that the escort is actually going to show up. And this makes your research even more important. With an independent escort, it’s less likely to happen so cash up front is generally okay. With agencies you are paying the middleman and giving them private information…

So get your hand out of your pants and research, research, research!

We girls are careful out there (the good ones!). You should be too.

Safety always comes first when booking an escort.

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