The Secret Lives of Supermodel Escorts

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The secret lives of supermodel escorts: CEO of a leading international escort agency reveals all

A wealthy man’s life appears perfect. With abundant cash reserves enabling the finest things in life, many people envy these men, believing they have it all—the dream life we all aspire to. But too often, their wealth comes at a price: their time. For those who’ve reached the top, they’ve learned the cold hard truth. Unbearable stress levels and little free time make it nearly impossible to develop a lasting relationship or find the dream girl they desperately desire.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before a business attempted to solve this nagging problem of the world’s elite. Miss Holly Gold, CEO of the world leading agency Elite Social Escorts, saw the need in the market, and set out to create the ultimate solution.

We had the opportunity to speak with Miss Gold for an exclusive interview. Here, she shared a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of her globe-trotting supermodel escorts, and how they solve the frustrations of her wealthy clientele. This is what she had to say:

The life of a supermodel escort

Elite Social

“The life of a supermodel escort is undoubtedly exciting and would surely make great TV or a spellbinding documentary. But there’s also a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Yes, our girls travel the world, attending world-class events such as the Monaco GP, Cannes Film Festival, Singapore F1 and Melbourne F1, but they also need to provide companionship 24 hours a day.

As some of our clients include professional soccer and football stars, Hollywood actors, Formula 1 GP drivers, royalty, world leaders and millionaires, you can imagine our clientele also experience enormous levels of stress. These wealthy men want a female companion to travel with them at all times, from the second they land in a new country to the moment they leave.

As you can imagine, our escorts need to deliver outstanding service. It’s their job to relax our clients so they forget about all their worries. Our supermodel escorts act as an escape, and they help our clients unwind, bringing to life their fantasy of having a dream girl by their side—every second of the day. But to give you a real insight to our travel girls’ lives, let me share you some details about the life of one of our most popular escorts, Ava.

Ava has been traveling non-stop for six months, and her clients during this time have been individuals of high net worth. Three weeks of these six months was spent with one client on his private jet travelling from Europe to Asia. Yes, you probably think her life sounds like it’s straight out of the movies. And that’s partially true, but she is also providing companionship, stress relief and a fantasy for our clientele every second of those six months.

You’re probably curious about how much our travel girls make. Ava, as well as some of our other supermodel escorts make up to €600,000 a year. It’s a lot of money but, remember, our clients are in a league all of their own. They expect a world-class lady to play the role of their fantasy dream girl. And that’s what we give them.”

– Miss Holly Gold

How to gain the company of a Playboy Cover Model

Yes, believe it or not, Elite Social Escorts has some very high profile girls available for companionship. And yes, a playboy cover girl (her name is Elisabeth, and she’s very charming) is one of them.

If you’d like to learn more about her, see her profile right here.

As for where our supermodel escorts are available, they can travel to you in Asia, Australia, Europe and Dubai, as well as London, Sydney, Shanghai, Melbourne, Monaco, Bali, and Singapore. If your location is not on this list, don’t worry. Our agency is expanding to even more international destinations, with more beautiful models being added to our network every day.

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