Sexy Theme Nights at Crazy Horse Adelaide

Crazy Horse is one of Adelaide’s premier strip clubs.

Even when it isn’t wooing the crowds with the annual Miss Nude Australia competition, you can still find a number of themed events where their showgirls will dress up with the intention of dressing down.

Planning a stag party or a night out with your mates? We’ve rounded up of some of the most hotly anticipated events at Crazy Horse over the coming months — starting with some sexy dress-ups this Friday.

Crazy Horse is known for its stunning roster of local and international dancers.

The club is a paradise of eye candy at the best of times, but the following events are being promoted heavily and should make for a great night out with a full house.

“Yes Sir”: School Girl Strip Shows

September 2nd and 3rd

Yes Sir, September 2nd - 3rd. School girl stripper night at Crazy Horse.

Yes Sir, September 2nd – 3rd. School girl stripper night at Crazy Horse.

We don’t remember school girls being as adventurous as this back in our day, but hey, the ladies of Crazy Horse are out to please.

Do you want to watch me bend over for you? Slowly taking my stockings off, while carelessly showing you what hides underneath my schoolgirl skirt? Do you want to punish the really naughty girl that I’ve been?

Then don’t keep me waiting this weekend at the Crazy Horse club, if you really want to discipline me.

All you have to do is just lay back from a hard day’s work, while me and my girlfriends entertain you and your mates.

The invite is signed off with love by ‘your school girl’.

The fun kicks off in just 48 hours.

If a school girl strip show meets your idea of a good night out, you won’t be disappointed.

No Tricks Just Treats

October 30th and November 1st

Crazy Horse Halloween events

Crazy Horse Halloween Nights: No tricks, just treats. And probably lots of fake blood.

Halloween always makes for a unique strip club experience, and as usual, Crazy Horse is laying on a seasonal two day extravaganza.

Expects lots of makeup, fake blood, and lavish costumes that amount to not much actual fabric.

Come see me at the Crazy Horse club and I’ll make sure to treat you in all the right ways where the color of my lace will be the only trick you get.

Whether the stag parties are supposed to dress up too…err, we’re not sure of the exact protocol.

The Night of Imagination

November 6th and 7th

Superhero Stripper night at Crazy Horse: Expect to meet Wonder Woman. Lots of them.

Superhero Stripper Night at Crazy Horse: Meet Wonder Woman. Lots of them.

Hot on the towering stilettos of Halloween is a special superhero themed night at Crazy Horse.

Which of the showgirls will pull the long straw that lets her dress up as Wonder Woman? Will it be… all of them?

The flavour of the hour is spandex, spandex, and more spandex.

Adelaide is under attack. And only you can save it. You’re the hot superhero everybody needs to come save the day. And I’m just getting wet at the idea of you saving me from all these bad boys.

I fantasize about being your assistant and wear tight spandex and beg you to take it off me so you can watch me play.

How many blokes that visit Crazy Horse on a Sunday night tick the box of ‘Hot Superhero’ status?

Find out for yourself by tagging along and watching the ladies get down and dirty in ways that would land Marvel in court.

Santa’s Revenge

December 22nd and 23rd

Santa's Revenge: Adelaide is full of naughty girls presumably getting socks for Christmas.

Santa’s Revenge: Adelaide is full of naughty girls presumably getting socks for Christmas.

Signing out the year in style, Crazy Horse has a Christmas-themed weekend where you can expect an indecent display of tinsel, stockings and Santa hats.

This year I’ve been a very very VERY naughty girl. I’ve been thinking about you in the most inappropriate ways and I need to be punished!

Punish me Santa this weekend at the Crazy Horse club. Tell me how you want me, where you want me and I’ll make sure you make the most of it because this Christmas I’m prepared to give you the hottest present ever.

What is it? What is it?

If you’re looking for some festive cheer, this is one Adelaide strip club that won’t disappoint.

We’d advise getting the Christmas shopping taken care of before binging your way through that budget for the kids’ new toys.

It’s a tough life.

Are you planning a trip to Crazy Horse soon?

Are there any other sexy theme nights at local Adelaide strip bars you’d care to recommend?

Let us know below.

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