The Dangerous World of Pimps and Escorts

So, you hired an escort and something just doesn’t feel right.

You feel like someone is watching or lurking around.

It is no joke when a pimp is involved with an escort. It’s bad news. Really bad news.

I have heard a number of horror stories from gentlemen meeting girls and being robbed by the pimp or both the pimp and the girl. So how do you watch out for things like this?

First, get over the stereotype that the pimp media has glamourised. A pimp is not required by Pimp Law to operate in a fur hat complete with coat and cane.

What does a Pimp look like?

What does a pimp look like this? Not this.

This is not the pimp of today.

If it was, I’d probably be happy to work for him!

A pimp looks like an average everyday dude.

You wouldn’t be able to spot him in a crowd. If you’re taking your escort out in public, note if she seems jumpy or extra nervous. Look around. Is a stranger maddogging you? Congratulations, that man is probably her pimp.

If a girl arrives to your room, be sure to look out the peephole before opening. Pimps have been known to charge in when clients open the door. If you have the unfortunate luck of showing up at an escort’s incall, and you don’t pay attention, You could be in the middle of getting to down to your business when the pimp jumps out the bathroom.

It happens. Sorry guys, but it does.

If you find yourself cornered by a pimp, don’t fight. You do what they tell you. Give them whatever they ask. They are only looking to rob you. Do not try to be a hero. Do not try to fight back. Things can escalate quickly and someone could get hurt.

Your money and material possessions are replaceable but you, however, are not.

First, when you choose your escort, makes sure you are choosing a reputable lady by going online and checking her web presence. If she has websites and social media accounts, you are more than likely safe. Look to see if the ladies have been reviewed through some of the bigger review boards.

If you are using places like Craigslist or Backpage, then you want to more careful. These sites are a pimp’s playground.

Watch out for girls who don’t use the screening process and don’t ask questions.

These girls don’t care, they just want to get you to their spot so their pimp can rob you. So they will tell you whatever you want to hear and not question you.

Pimps are out there and they are very real. Do your research and trust your gut instinct.

If it doesn’t feel right, walk away.

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