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Our city guides below contain everything you need to know about the various sex scenes across Australia and New Zealand.

From the hottest strip clubs and massage parlours, to the best local venues for swingers, fetishists and ‘pick up artists’. Each city portal has a complete introduction to the local escort scene, established brothels, strip clubs, massage venues, sex shops and more.

In addition, we regularly post ‘spotlight features’. This is where we profile some of your favourite adult service providers, venues and attractions.

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Our city guides are curated from many different sources around the web.  We aim to include the latest information on legal brothels, strip clubs, swinger scenes, escorts, sex shops, erotic massage parlours and more.

We have spent hundreds of hours painstakingly combing through forums, blogs and classified listings to bring you the most up-to-date information – for free.

From the legendary red light district of Sydney, to the archaic old-school brothels of Perth, all the way across to the best strip clubs and rub n tug shops in New Zealand… our mission is to bring you a complete picture of the top adult entertainment in Australia and New Zealand.

Use our city portals to find your local:

  • Escorts and companions
  • Strip club bars
  • Erotic massage parlours (and AMPs)
  • Swinger communities and events
  • Licensed brothels

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