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We aim to cover everything that is registered as a legal and licensed adult service in Gold Coast and the surrounding Queensland area. From the best Surfers Paradise strip clubs, to the top swinger clubs and various legal brothels based in the area.

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In line with Queensland’s current laws, brothels are legal in Gold Coast as long as they are appropriately licensed by the Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA). Private sex work is also legal, although there are restrictions on the wording that can be used in advertising.

Outcall services, such as escort agencies, are effectively banned due to current legislation. However this is a subject of contention with the PLA backing reform and change looking likely over the coming years.

All kinds of street prostitution and soliciting are illegal, as well as the many unlicensed venues that remain in operation and account for a sizeable chunk of the local sex trade.

There are plenty of legal and licensed venues where you can get full service in GC.

Why risk using one that isn’t?

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