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Inside The Aussie Sex Scene

Our experts have spent hundreds of hours researching the best adult entertainment options across all of the major cities in Australia and NZ: including Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane and more.

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Get started with our city guides for a complete breakdown of the available entertainment near you, or browse by specific interests such as escorts, brothels, strip clubs and massage.

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  • 25/9/2023 – Sydney Brothels GuideWe’re cleaning up our Sydney brothels list. All new venues, pricing updated, latest contact details added, and more.

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Our experts have spent hundreds of hours curating the best adult entertainment and sex services from all over Australia and New Zealand.

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Looking For Legal Brothels?

Australia and New Zealand are home to some of the most liberal sex work laws in the world. One of the consequences of this?

Legal brothels.

Yep, we have hundreds of them.

Cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland are home to world-famous ‘5 star’ bordellos more akin to luxury hotels than venues for buying sex.

(Although, of course, if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of cheap options too!)

On Red Light Australia, we profile licensed brothels from all over Australia and NZ.

Visit our brothels guide and select a city for a complete breakdown of the available bordellos in the region.

We’ll walk you through price estimates, opening hours, services offered and feedback we’ve collected from the thousands of punter reviews around the web.

Swingers, Sex Clubs, Hookups & More

Australia is home to a large melting pot of miscellaneous sex services, adult communities and specialist clubs.

From BDSM groups, to local swinger events, to sex shops, peep shows and hookup bars.

Every year we carry out a full review of the most popular adult entertainment and services around the country.

These include everything from Aussie casual dating websites containing 50,000+ members, to tiny local swinger groups with a monthly meetup of just a dozen members.

The Best of Australia’s Adult Industry

…and we don’t stop at local services.

We cover everything from the best Australian porn, to the hottest new Aussie adult stars (both men and women), to red hot cam models, dating sites and more.

Follow our blog for the latest and greatest Aussie adult entertainment.

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Our mission is to provide the web’s most detailed adult industry guides for every major hub in Australia and New Zealand. While our team works hard to provide the latest accurate information, sometimes we miss services or venues that our readers would enjoy.

If you have a correction or a recommendation, use our Listings form to get in touch.

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