Sex in Brisbane

Welcome to our Brisbane Adult Entertainment portal.

We aim to cover anything and everything that is registered as a legal and licensed adult service in Brisbane and the surrounding Queensland area. From the best bordellos and erotic massage parlours, to the area’s many popular swinger clubs and sex parties.

Be sure to check out our local guides:

  • Brisbane Brothels – the city is home to several popular bordellos, with around 10+ on our most recent list.
  • Brisbane Escorts – outcalls are banned in Brisbane (sucks), so we can’t provide any official listings in this category, although the services obviously exist if you know where to look.
  • Brisbane Strip Clubs – strip clubs are thriving, though! Over a dozen well-establish strip clubs are vying for your hard earned dollars.
  • Brisbane Erotic Massage – these usually consist of low-key ‘relaxation services’ or small businesses run out of private residences.

Brothels are legal in Brisbane, as is private sex work (although there are various restrictions in place on the advertising and wording used). The definition of private sex work is a ‘single sex worker working alone’, which may sound confusing in how it relates to brothels, but this essentially means that two sex workers may not share the same premises.

Another interesting quirk in Queensland is that outcall services are banned. Technically, at least. It was suggested in a 2009 report that over 75% of sex work involves outcalls. If the ban exists, it is not effectively enforced.

As with other parts of Australia, there is a progressive push towards the legalisation and regulation of the sex industry, with many of the existing laws only loosely enforced, or with the service providers operating in a large grey area.

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