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If there’s one thing we’re lucky to have in this part of the world, it’s an eye-watering selection of sensual massage shops, rub n tug parlours and fully qualified erotic massage practitioners.

From the mystical arts of tantra, to no-holds-barred body sliding, our selection of erotic massage guides are designed to curate the very best of these sensual services in each of the major cities around Australia and New Zealand.

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Confused by the erotic massage lingo? Not sure what a type of massage consists of?

Here’s our A-Z glossary of adult massage related terms.

A-Z of Erotic Massage Lingo For Beginners

“What the f— is a —— massage?”

We hear you first-time customers asking…

Below we’ve covered a range of terms in use by the adult massage industry along with some common lingo you might come across in similar fields of work – including escorting and brothels.

It is important to remember that erotic massage is not technically an act of sex-work – although many erotic masseuses will provide ‘Extras’.

AMP (Asian Massage Parlors)

An Asian massage parlour commonly refers to a salon where you can receive a Sensual Massage and where the staff are predominantly Asian. They are often Chinese or Thai but can also include other Asian ethnicities including Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino etc.

Although AMPs can sometimes refer to establishments that do not offer adult massage, they are usually thought to provide this kind of service.

Some will offer the famous ‘dragon service’, which is a luxury extended session with extra attention paid to the client.

chinese massage amp erotic massage
Not all Asian Massage Parlours offer sexual services. Image via Pixabay.

Aqua Massage

Any form of massage that includes a ‘wet’ element, an aqua massage can take place in a shower or bath and is sometimes referred to as a Soapy Massage.

BDSM Massage

Also known as ‘Dark Tantra’, BDSM massage combines the fetishist and kinky elements of B/D (Bondage and Discipline), D/s (Dominance and submission), and S/M (Sadism and Masochism) with Erotic Massage.

Treatments can include being tied up, roleplay and domination as well as pain. Different providers offer varying levels of extremity with some simply using a few props and costume whilst others may indulge in more hardcore sessions.

bdsm massage guide to erotic massage
A BDSM massage can run from being tied up to a full bondage experience. Image via Pixabay.

Body to Body Massage

A technique in which the masseuse uses their own body to apply the requisite pressure and touch to deliver a massage. This differs from traditional treatments (see Classic Massage, below) where just the hands (or sometimes feet) are used.

Body Slide

Similar to a Body to Body Massage, a body slide is a move performed by a masseuse using oils (or foam) to press the front of their naked body against their client in one long, fluid motion. It can be delivered on the front, from the chest to the toes or on the back, from the shoulders to the heels.

The slide of a her breasts against the naked body, particularly if you are front-facing, is extremely arousing. Most masseuses who perform this incorporate a tease with the mouth, sometimes hesitating over the genitals delivering a hot breath of anticipation.

Please note that not all masseuses perform oral services on their clients.

Couples Massage

A service performed for couples, this kind of massage is usually delivered by one masseuse but can be offered by two professionals at the same time. Attending an Erotic Massage with your partner can be a highly sexually charged experience and both of you will receive a Happy Ending with your masseuse.

It can help bring couples closer together and creates a powerful sense of intimacy which is often a lot more beneficial than couples’ therapy.

Couples often shower together beforehand and maintain a physical  connection during the treatment.

couples massage guide to erotic massage
Couples massage can be a rewarding way to rejuvenate your sex life. Image via Flickr.

Erotic Massage

A blanket term used to differentiate traditional therapeutic and relaxation massage from those services designed to arouse and stimulate. It is important to point out that erotic massage is not sex and that many, if not most, masseuses do not offer a sexual intercourse.

Some massage therapists do not even provide manual stimulation (or Happy Endings) but will leave the room at the end of your session to allow Self Service.

Escort (Massage)

You can book an Erotic Massage at a specialist parlour but you can also arrange for the services to be delivered to you as an Out-Call using an escort. Escorts are primarily known for providing companionship services and are better known as call-girls; however, some specialise in providing Erotic Massage. It is worth bearing in mind that most escorts will provide full service inclusive within the price of your massage.


Sometimes called ‘Service Plus’, ‘extras’ refers to any services performed in the privacy of your massage treatment room that have not been formally offered by the massage parlour directly. Many massage parlour owners understand that their girls offer additional services to guests but this is considered to be at the discretion of the therapist and the customer.

Payment and negotiation of extras is done directly with your masseuse and is usually cash-only.

Extras most commonly offered are a Happy Ending, oral service (blowie) and Full Service.

Fantasy Massage

A term used to cover a wide range of roleplay massage, a fantasy massage session can include many different kinds of kinks including lace and latex, school teachers, MILFs and medical scenarios. Most of the services offered by specialist salons incorporate costume, accessories and props with some even having suitable staging. In Japan, fantasy massage is very popular.

fantasy massage erotic massage a to z guide
A fantasy massage lets your imagination run wild.

Femdom Massage

A type of BDSM Massage or Tie & Tease Massage, the service is performed by a dominatrix and is usually delivered in a stereotypical role-play fashion with the primary focus being on costume and props.

Four Hands Massage

A massage delivered on one-person using two masseuses, or 4 hands.

Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)

A term used to refer to a type of Sensual Massage which is usually performed by a masseuse that is partially (or fully) nude. It is designed to be relaxing and erotic rather than explicitly sexual and the genitals and genital area are not the primary focus. It is a teasing treatment that generally does not include a Happy Ending but one can sometimes be offered depending on your masseuse.

Unlike with a Body Slide, the service is performed using hands only.

Full Service

Full service simply relates to full intercourse and is not something that most adult massage parlours will accommodate and certainly not advertise. Getting full service can be quite hit and miss and very much depends on the masseuse you are offered. In some massage salons, full service is standard.

G-Spot Massage (GSM)

A service where the masseuse will insert her finger(s) and/or a toy to stimulate your g-spot during a massage. This is not a common service but can be coupled with Lingam and/or Prostate Massage.

The service is usually delivered until climax is reached in combination with the above.

Happy Ending (HE)

A very common phrase using to describe the act of a masseuse finishing off a massage by providing a manual service on a client. A happy ending can be offered directly or sometimes a masseuse will just stimulate the penis until climax as part of the service. The price of most massages do not include the cost of a happy ending and an extra tip should be paid to your masseuse for the pleasure of this service.


A term used when a client visits a prostitute (or masseuse) to receive personal services (also see Out-Call).

Latina Massage Parlour (LMP)

A massage parlour where the staff are predominantly of Latina heritage. They are less common in Australia than AMPs but can sometimes be found in the larger cities.

Lingam Massage

A Sanskrit word meaning ‘shaft of light’, lingam is a Hindu phrase for the phallus or phallic object. When used in terms of a massage, the penis is the focus of the attention and much of the delivery of the session will be on the male genital (also see Yoni Massage).

A part of Tantric Massage, the purpose of stimulating the lingham is to awaken your kundalini, a form of primal energy.


An equivalent of a Madam in a brothel, a Mamasan is another name for a female owner (or manager) of an adult massage parlour. It is a Japanese term for a women in authority, mainly someone who runs a geisha house.

Massage Parlor (MP)

An establishment where massage is delivered, also called a salon.

Mutual Touch Massage

A massage service where you are allowed to also touch the masseuse.

Most masseuses do not like to be touched and doing so can result in your being asked to leave. Assume that your service is not includes of this element unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. The level of mutual touch will usually be limited to breasts only but can be more.

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is an erotic Japanese massage technique of delivering a massage using the whole body. The process includes the use of specialist nuru gels and the masseuse will be nude to press as much of her body to her clients as possible.

It can be an intense physical experience and is incredibly tactile. Some therapists do not offer sexual release in the form of a Happy Ending but most do as a matter of course.


A term used when an escort (or masseuse) provides services to the client at their place of residence, usually a hotel or motel (also see In-Call).

escort massage erotic massage a to z guide
Escorts can provide good erotic massage but also full service. Image via Pixabay.


A male equivalent of a Mamasan.

Prostate Massage (PM)

A service offered by some masseuses where the focus is on stimulating the prostate. An established medial treatment, this service is often advertised where other forms of adult services are banned. It basically includes anal fingering and will often be combined with some form of Lingam Massage to achieve climax.

Relaxation Assistant (RA)

Another name for a masseuse.

Reverse Massage

Another name for a Mutual Massage, the client is able to touch and fondle the masseuse.

reverse massage erotic massage a to z guide
Get to play with the masseuse in a reverse massage. Image via Pixabay.

Roleplay Massage

Any form of massage where the masseuse and/or client take part in roleplay. A form of Fantasy Massage, common scenarios include Adult Baby, School and Medical settings as well as latex and lingerie.

Russian Massage Parlour (RMP)

Any massage parlour which is primarily staffed by Eastern European masseuses. It is of note that many of the ladies working in a Russian Massage Parlour are not in fact Russian but can come from countries like Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Rub & Tug

Another name for a massage which includes a Happy Ending.


A term used when clients are not offered a Happy Ending but where they are left alone to give themselves a handjob at the end of their massage. This is common with Sensual Massage where the masseuse will generally not provide a Happy Ending.

Sensual Massage

A term most commonly used to describe adult massage where the aim is not to deliver a sexual experience but instead to provide an erotic one. A more relaxing type of treatment, clients can feel very aroused by the intimacy of the massage but there is usually no direct stimulation of touching of the genitals or genital region. Most men will become erect as a result of the service but a Happy Ending is not (usually) part of the treatment.

See Self Service.

massage guide to erotic massage
Sensual massage does not directly stimulate the genitals but focuses on other erogenous zones as well as teasing. Image via Pixabay.

Soapy Massage

Soapy massages are thought to have originated in Asia, predominantly in places like Japan and Thailand where they are very popular. Traditionally taking place in three parts, clients are taken to a bath tub where clean water is drawn for them. They are joined by a masseuse who will intimately wash you down and pay particular attention to your private parts.

The second element of the massage is usually performed on an air-mattress and includes the use of foam (or soap) and during which the masseuse performs a fully nude Body Slide. Rubbing her naked flesh against all parts of your body, the massage takes as long as you have booked for and can be an extremely erotic experience.

The third and final element is a shower to rinse off the soap and during which you will usually be accompanied to assist you with a Happy Ending if you have not already climaxed during the session.

Tantric Massage

Developed in Germany in the 1970s, tantric massage is based on a Western movement of traditional Buddhist and Hindu tantra. Technically speaking, true tantric massage does not involve any sexual exchange between therapist and client although there are elements of both Lingam and Yoni Massage at play.

Tantric massage has come to resemble a kind of mixture between Nuru Massage and Sensual Massage with some massage parlours offering a very sexual experience whilst others perform a more classical erotic one.

With tantric massage parlours, it is a case of ‘Your mileage may vary’ depending on the establishment and how they define tantra.

sensual massage guide to erotic massage
Some tantra massage parlours do not offer any happy endings. Image via Pixabay.

Tie & Tease Massage

A form of BDSM Massage, a Tie & Tease is one of the more common fetish treatments that is offered by many salons and escorts.

Principally a role-play service where the masseuse takes on the role of dominatrix, the treatment is delivered with  the client in bondage (can be ropes or silks or even cuffs) and then a massage is performed with some element of denial being included.


Tipping is an essential part of the adult massage industry and is usually the only way that massage parlors can continue to operate. In some parts of Australia, prostitution is illegal and salons may not charge directly for those elements of your service that relate to sex-work. This includes Happy Endings as well as Full Service. To do so would render them a brothel and thus would make it illegal.

Charges are therefore (usually) split into two elements; a room charge which is payable to the parlour and which covers the cost of your massage. The second element is paid as a tip to your masseuse and includes the cost of any ‘Extras’.

Even in those territories where prostitution is legal, tipping is still recommended.

Yoni Massage

The female equivalent of Lingam Massage, the Yoni refers to female genitals. Massages of this kind can be delivered by male or female masseuses but with the primary focus being on the stimulation of the vagina and clitoris.

Signature Massages by Salon

Many salons in the larger towns and cities offer a traditional menu of adult massage with some also providing signature treatments. These can include the use of additional props, accessories and costume as well as applications such as chocolate, cream or other food stuffs.

The detail of these can vary but they will often outline what you can expect to receive before you make a booking.

Classic Massage

Whilst adult massage primarily focuses on sexual arousal and release, classic massages such as those listed below are used to relax or to provide therapeutic services.

classic massage erotic massage guide
Don’t expect any sexual services at these classic massage parlours.

It is highly unusual that providers of the following types of massages would also perform erotic treatments:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Deep Tissue
  • Hot Stone
  • Pregnancy
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Sport
  • Swedish
  • Traditional Thai
  • Yumeiho

Salons and individuals who advertise these kinds of classic massage are unlikely to provide adult massages.