Sex in Melbourne

Welcome to our Melbourne Adult Entertainment portal.

We aim to cover the vast array of legal and licensed adult services in Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

That includes everything from the best brothels and massage shops in the CBD, to popular escort services in Thomastown, Geelong, Collingwood, and the surrounding suburbs.

Be sure to check out our comprehensive local guides:

  • Melbourne Brothelsfill your boots, there’s an insane number of fully legal brothels in Melbourne and around Victoria. We struggle to keep up with the new ones!
  • Melbourne Escorts – you’ll find an equally vast number of outcall services, with Melbourne attracting courtesans from all over the globe.
  • Melbourne Strip Clubs – a hot spot for glamour girls as you’d expect, we’ve curated ten of the finest strip bars in town.
  • Melbourne Erotic Massage – many of these are small Asian-run parlours (AMPs).

Licensed brothels are fully legalised in the state of Victoria, with almost 100 of them in operation. There are many additional unlicensed venues, however for the purpose of these pages we will be sticking to the safe, legal and regulated venues.

Escort agencies are also legal in Melbourne. So is prostitution, however street prostitution and soliciting remains illegal.

It is said that Melbourne is second only to Sydney for its variety of adult entertainment options. We’ll be covering the best of them!

Features on the Melbourne Sex Scene