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We aim to cover all legal and licensed adult services in Canberra and the surrounding Australian Capital Territory. From the red lights of Fyshwick’s top escort agencies, to the sexiest massage parlours, to the finest brothels.

We also discuss the best communities for swingers, local sex shops and much more.

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On 10th August 2018, the Australian Capital Territory’s Prostitution Act 1992 (ACT) was replaced with the Sex Work Act 1992 (ACT). This brings a raft of welcome changes to the way the local sex industry is policed and regulated.

Brothels are legal in Canberra, as long as they have the correct licensing.

The same applies to escort agencies. Private sex work is legal throughout the state, however street prostitution is illegal.

Our Canberra portal brings you all of the best licensed adult entertainment, as well as further information on what types of services can be found, how much they cost, and how well they are reviewed.

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