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Wondering why you can’t find any good escort agencies for Gold Coast? Where all those Gold Coast escorts are at?

There’s a simple explanation.

In Queensland, it is illegal for escort agencies to advertise on behalf of the ladies they have on their ranks. Only licensed brothels can advertise (under much stricter guidelines), whilst private companions must handle any advertising themselves — and they cannot be overly descriptive of the services they offer.

These laws apply to Gold Coast, given that it is located in South East Queensland.

As a result, we have considerably fewer escort agencies to list on this page. Those that we’ve featured are Australia-wide agencies that may (or may not) have a presence in the Gold Coast.

That’s not us being subtle, by the way. It genuinely is difficult to tell given the strict rules on adult advertising in QLD.

While there are various laws restricting the agencies, independent escorts are allowed to self-advertise.

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of independent workers that appear to operate in or near the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise areas. Any information we’ve published is already available on their websites or public profiles.

Gold Coast Escort Agencies and Directories

Gold coast escorts
Where to find Gold Coast escorts?

Let’s start with Gold Coast escort directories.

UPDATE 2019:

Due to the ongoing restrictions on outcall services in the state of Queensland, we have discontinued our list of services and websites that provide escort services in this region.

There is speculation that the Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA) will adopt a more progressive stance towards outcall services over the coming years, but until then, we cannot post links to services of this nature in Gold Coast. Apologies for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, licensed brothels remain legal throughout Gold Coast. Refer to our updated list for your best options for a full service incall.

Disclaimer: Please note, we are not affiliated to any of the services listed above, nor do we recommend that you use any of them. We do not receive any payment for mentioning these services. All listings are free, and for informational purposes only. They are sourced from other existing portals around the web. You are responsible for following any laws in your state, territory or country.

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