Learning the Lingo: Common Sex Industry Terms, Acronyms and Slang

Don’t be confused by adult industry lingo!

All industries have their own jargon and navigating your way around online advertising for escorts or reading forums, guides and websites can sometimes throw up a lot of questions marks. Unusual acronyms, terminology and slang is common in the sex industry and, whilst many of these can, at first, seem obvious, we thought we’d put together a dictionary of the most frequently used to help you navigate your way through the maze.

In this glossary you will find all the common terminology that you might come across in the sex industry, from strip clubs to brothels, escort guides to massage parlours as well as forums, guides and other online advertising.

We’ve also covered specialist terms in our A-Z Guide to Erotic Massage where you can find out what the difference is between a Lingham and a Yoni or Nuru and Tantra.


AMP: Asian Massage Parlour. A body rub salon where the staff are predominantly Asian (usually Thai or Chinese).

AAMP: Apartment Asian Massage Parlour. An AMP that is based in a residential premise rather than a commercial one.

ABC: American/Australian born Chinese

ABJ: American/Australian born Japanese

Agency: A commercial organisation that manages the bookings for service provides (usually escorts).

Analingus: Oral sex licking to the asshole.

AO: Asian Only, commonly found with AMPs who will provide Full Service only for Asian customers.

Asian Cowgirl: Sex position where the girl is on top, squatting.

ASP: Adult Service Provider. Can refer to an escort, prostitute or masseuse. Basically, any person who works in the adult industry who provides personal sexual services.

ATF: All Time Favourite

ATM or A2M: Ass to Mouth. Used when describing an ASP who receives penetration from the ass and then takes it orally.

Attempts: Trying to orgasm.


Babyback: Young, attractive and petite Asian girl

Bait and Switch: Used to describe a scam where a different ASP shows up to a call than the one who was advertised. This is usually a big downgrade from the pictures originally used (can be common on free classified sites with cheap escorts

Balloons: Breast implants

Bareback: Penetrative sex without condom

BBBJ: Bare Back Blow Job or getting a gobbie without a condom. Also called Uncovered.

BBBJTC: Bare Back Blow Job to Completion: An uncovered gobbie to completion, in mouth. Sometimes BBBJTCIM.

BBBJTCNQNS: Bare Back Blow Job To Completion, No Quit, No Spit.

BBBJTCWS. Bare Back Blow Job to Completion with Swallow

BBBJWF: Bare Back Blow Job with Facial

BBFS/BBS: Bare Back Full Service/Sex. Penetrative intercourse without using a condom.

BBK: Big Beautiful Knockers

BBW: Big Beautiful Woman

BCD: Behind Closed Doors. A private and discrete service.

BDSM: A combination of the three common kink abbreviations, B/D (Bondage and Discipline), D/s (Dominance and submission), and S/M (Sadism and Masochism)

BFE: Boyfriend Experience. A term used when using a prostitute where the bloke looks after the ASP as he would a girlfriend (see GFE).

Birdwatching: See BBBJTCWS

BJ: Blowjob, oral sex or a gobbie

BLS: Ball Licking and Sucking

Blue Pill: Viagra

Butter-Face: A term used to describe an ugly ASP, as in ‘Everything looked good on her, but her face’.

BYOC: Bring Your Own Condom


Call Girl: An Escort who comes to your hotel room or place of work/residence.

Cash and Dash: Any ASP who accepts money upfront and then leaves before providing a service.

CBJ. Covered Blow Job. A gobbie given with a condom.

CD: Cross-dresser.

CDS: Covered Doggy Style. Penetrative sex performed doggy-style with a condom.

CFS. Any and all fully penetrative sex performed with a condom. See Full Service.

CG: Cowgirl. Sexual position with the girl on top, straddling and facing you.

CIF: Cum in Face

CIM: Cum in Mouth

CMD: Carpet Matches Drapes. Pubic hair the same as hair colour. Usually used to describe a natural blonde.

CMT: Certified Massage Therapist. A professional masseuse.

Cornhole: Anal sex

Cougar: Older woman who has sex with younger men.

Cover: Condom

Creampie: Cum inside vagina.

Cruising: Looking for streetwalkers, usually driving.

Cunnilingus: Oral sex performer on a woman.

Cups of coffee: Orgasms or releases.


DAP: Digital Anal Probe. Inserts finger in the anus.

DATO:   Dining at the O, Analingus, oral sex performed on the anus.

DATY: Dining at the Y, Cunnilingus, oral sex performed on her.

DDE: Doesn’t Do Extras.

DDG: Drop Dead Gorgeous

DDP: Double Digit Penetration; using your fingers to penetrate the ass and vagina.

Deep Throat: See DT.

DFK: Deep French Kissing

DIY: Do It Yourself. Used to describe a massage where you are left to finish the job (masturbation).

Doggie: Sexual position performed with the girl on her hands and knees, man behind.

Dogging: A British term for sex in a public place, commonly watching others have sex in public,

Donation: Often used as a term for payment for services instead of a fee or a charge. Commonly used in swingers’ venues.

Double Penetration: See DP.

Doubles: A threesome performed with one man and two girls.

DP: Double Penetration. Two guys on one girl. Can mean two dicks in one hole or anal and vaginal.

DSL: Dick Sucking Lips

DT: Deep Throat or where the entire shaft of the penis is taken orally.

DTF: Down To Fuck; someone who is up for a one night stand or casual sex.


Escort: A companion for hire, most commonly one who offers sexual services.

Extras: Refers to an adult service such as a handjob, blowjob or Full Service.


Facial:   Cumming on someone’s face

FBSM: Full Body Sensual Massage. An erotic body massage, often including a handjob

FBSM+: Full Body Sensual Massage with a bonus. This can often be oral sex and/or extras.

FDAU: Face Down Ass Up

Felching: Orally sucking semen from the anus. Opposite of eating a Creampie.

FIA: Finger In Ass

FIR: Finger In Rear

Fire And Ice: A blowjob where the ASP switches between a hot drink and an iced one.

FIV: Finger In Vagina

FKK: Frei-Körper-Kultur (German for ‘Free Body Culture’). Can mean a nudist venue or a European brothel.

FOB: Fresh Off the Boat. Usually means someone who has recently arrived in the country, often an Asian immigrant.

FOV: Finger Outside Vagina

Franger/Franga: A condom

French Kiss: Kissing with tongues.

French: Blowjob (sometimes take to mean any oral sex.

FS: Full Service

Full Service: Usually a blowjob plus intercourse (vaginal)


Get Brain: A gobbie, blow job, oral sex performed on him.

Get Comfortable: Get naked

GFE: Girlfriend Experience. Describes an ASP who does not watch the clock and allows you to treat her like a boyfriend and usually includes DATY, FS, BJ and DFK. The opposite of a PSE.

GFE+: A girlfriend experience with extras such as anal, CIM etc.

Gloryhole: A hole in a wall (or door) through which a man puts his penis for the purposes of being sucked off by a stranger. Often seen in public toilets and can include intercourse.

learning the lingo adult industry terms gloryholes
A Gloryhole for the man who likes surprises. Image via Flickr.

GND: Girl Next Door

Greek: Anal sex.

GS: Golden Shower

GSM: G-Spot Massage


Happy Ending: Term used to describe a handjob (sometimes a blowjob) at the end of a massage.

Hat: Condom

HDH: High Dollar Hottie. An expensive looking ASP. See also LDH.

HE: See Happy Ending

HH: Half Hour

HJ : Hand Job or manual release.

HM: High Mileage

Hooker: Another name for a prostitute. Also, Street Walker, Lady of the Night and Slapa.

HWP: Height And Weight Proportionate


In-call: When a client goes to the ASP such as at a brothel, massage parlour or their place of residence. See also Outcall.

Interpreter = condom

Italian: Sexual activity where penis rubs between butt cheeks.

ISO: In Search Of


Lapdog. A customer who worships ASPs to excess.

LD: Lap Dance

learning the lingo adult industry terms lapdance
Looking for an LD? Head to a Lap Dance club. Image via PXHere.

LDL: Low Dollar Looker. Cheap and unattractive, the opposite of an HDH.

LE: Law Enforcement

LK: Light Kissing, usually performed with a closed mouth.

LMP: Latina Massage Parlour

LOS : Land Of Smiles. Another name for Thailand.


Mamasan. A female manager of a massage parlour.

MBR: Multiple Bell Ringing (see MSOG).

MILF: Mom I’d Like to Fuck. A name for a sexy older woman, see also Cougar.

Mish: Another name for the Missionary position.

Missionary: Sexual position with the man on top, girl on her back lying down.

Mohawk: A thin rectangular strip of pubic hair.

MP: Can stand for Massage Parlour as well as Multiple Pops (more than one ‘release’).

MSOG: Multiple Shots On Goal or multiple times to cum.


Netflix & Chill: A euphemism for casual sex.

learning the lingo adult industry terms netflix and chill
Netflix & Chill: Modern slang for a hook up. Image via Flickr.

Non-Pro: An amateur ASP, civilian, not a professional sex worker.

NQNS: Non-Quitter Non Spitter (Used by ASPs to describe a bloke who just never get there)

NSA: No Strings Attached. Used to describe a one-night stand, hook up or casual sex.


Outcall: When an ASP comes to the client, usually at a hotel room or to their residence. See also In-call.

OWO: Oral Without Condom

OWOTC: Oral Without Condom To Completion


P2P: Private to Private; a sexual move which is typically performed without a condom where the man rubs his penis on an ASPs vagina without penetration.

Papasan: The male manager of a massage Parlour.

Pash and Dash: A one night stand or casual encounter.

Party Hat: A condom

Pearl Necklace: Ejaculation on the chest of a woman. See also CIF.

learning the lingo adult industry terms pearl necklace
A Pearl Necklace is a euphemism for cum on the chest. Image via MaxPixel.

PIV: Penis in Vagina

PL: Pathetic Loser

PM: Can mean either Prostate Massage or Private Message (inbox)

PO: Phone Operator; usually the person who takes a booking for an escort or other ASP.

Polly Waffle: Slang for a brothel.

PS: Private Show (usually a lap dance).

PSE: Porn Star Experience; the opposite of GFE, a PSE is someone with a professional attitude who watches the clock but provides an energetic performance. The experience is supposedly similar to being in a porn movie and often includes multiple positions, multiple shots on goal and extras.

PV: Private Viewing (usually a one-to-one strip).

PYT: Pretty Young Thing


RA: Relaxation Assistant; a masseuse in a massage parlour.

Raincoat: Another name for a condom.

learning the lingo adult industry terms raincoat condom
A raincoat or a party hat? Slang for a condom. Image via Max Pixel.

RCG: Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl: A sexual position with the girl ont op, facing away from you. See also RCG.

Reverse Massage: Used when you get to massage the RA or ASP.

Rimming: Another term for analingus.

RMP: Russian Massage Parlour

ROB: Rip Off Bitch; an ASP who scams or cheats her clients.

Roman Shower: Type of messy play with vomit.

RPG: Role Playing Games

Russian: A titty fuck. See also Spanish and Pearl Necklace.


SC: Strip Club

Self-Service: See Do It Yourself/DIY. Where you masturbate to completion.

Semi-Pro: Usually an escort who works on the side.

Shemale: A male to female Transsexual. See also TG.

Shill: Used to describe an insider who generally poses on forums or guest review sites as a satisfied customer.

SO: Significant Other

SOG: Shot On Goal; a single release or cum shot.

SOMF: Sat On My Face

South of The Border: Vagina, cock or, generally, any genital region

SP: Service Provider; another name for a masseuse, escort of person who is paid to perform a service.

Spanish: Rubbing your cock between the boobs of a woman, usually to completion. A tit-job.

Spinner: Term used to describe a very petite and thin girl.

Starfish: Can refer to both the anus, or a girl that is unresponsive in bed.

STD/STI: Sexually Transmitted Disease/ Sexually Transmitted Infection

stroll:     path frequented by street walkers

SW: Street Walker


TAMP: Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlour. This differs to an AMP as a place where no sexual activity can be had.

Teabag: Sexual activity where a man squats and puts his balls in his partner’s mouth.

learning the lingo adult industry terms teabagging
Fancy some tea? Teabags might suddenly be less appealing… Image via Maxpixel.

TG: Transgender (see TS).

TGTBT: Too Good To Be True

TLD: Topless Lap Dance

TOFTT: Take One For The Team. Often used in forums to describe when a reviewer visits an unverified and new ASP to provide a review for the group.

Tossing Salad: Analingus

Tranny: See Shemale.

Trip to Islands: Anal sex (refers to Greek).

Troll: Rude and/or ugly ASP.

TS: Transsexual. Someone who identifies as the opposite sex. May have had sex-reassignment surgery from Male to Female (Shemale, MTF or M2F) or Female to Male (F2M or FTM)

TUMA: Tongue Up My Ass. Analingus.

TV: A transvestite. Someone who cross dresses.


Uncovered: Sex without a condom (oral, vaginal or anal).

UTF: Untranslated French, a blowjob without a condom. See also BBBJ

UTR: Under The Radar. Someone who does not advertise.


YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary. A phrase used when your experience may differ from those of others. It is generally used to describe service levels that are inconsistent or where an establishment or ASP does not always perform sexual services.

Featured image via MaxPixel.