The Best Adult Forums for Aussies

The Best Adult Forums for Aussies

Looking for an online community of like-minded adults to share information with? Here in Australia we are lucky enough to have a (mostly) legalised sex industry and service standards are high. However, it always pays to be in the know before making a booking. Adult forums offer the best way to find out who is … Read more

What Is A Dragon Service?

what is a dragon service

Looking for the ultimate sexual experience? Then Dragon Service might just be what you are looking for. Originating in China, this specialist sexual service is renowned as being one of the most satisfying experiences you can find across Asia and Oceania. In this feature we take a detailed look: what is a dragon service exactly? … Read more

How Are Australia’s Brothels Handling The Pandemic?

australias brothels covid 19

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, are Australian brothels open for business as normal? Since the middle of March, Australians have been used to seeing shops, bars and businesses closed to the general public as the country took action to prevent the spread of COVID19. However, government policies introduced in May has meant a slow return to … Read more

The Aussie Women Chasing Bali Gigolos

why are aussie women chasing bali gigolos

Gigolos, beach boys or male escorts, Bali’s sex scene has long been focused on sex tourism for men, but this idyllic Indonesian island is a popular hotspot for women who want some holiday action. In 2016, 1.248 million visitors from Australia visited Indonesia making it the nation’s number one holiday destination for the 6th year … Read more

Australia’s Best Swinger Clubs: State By State

Kinky-Swingers-Our-Secret-Spot-sydney swinger club

According to the latest annual Great Australian Sex Census (2013/14) prepared by Red Hot Pie, 5.6% of married Australians describe themselves as swingers. With an added 4.4% of those in a committed but open relationship, a conservative figure of the total swingers in the country is placed at around a million people. With figures suggesting … Read more

Aussie Peep Shows: A Guide for the Curious

aussie peep shows

Peep shows in Australia came to prominence in the 1970s with a handful of pioneering sex store owners offering this unique way to entertain its patrons. As the idea caught on, dozens of similar venues opened up in the major towns and cities offering customers the opportunity to view live performances of acts as diverse … Read more

The Most Famous Red Light Districts in Australia

The Most Famous Red Light Districts in Australia

Do you want to know which of Australia’s red-light districts are the most famous? Though street prostitution in the 21st century has diminished the traditional ‘character’ of red-light districts, a prevalence of legalised brothels, strip clubs and peek shows in any area of a city can produce the heady delights of a distinctly adult feel. … Read more