Cleopatra’s Gentlemen’s Club: The Award Winning NSW Brothel

Cleopatra’s Gentlemen’s Club is a 5 star brothel located at Wetherill Park in Western Sydney.

If you haven’t visited this venue before, we’ve got a few good reasons why you should. Starting with the fact that Cleopatra’s has just been voted the best brothel in NSW at the 2016 AWA awards.

In our guide below, we will show you some of the luxurious and decadent facilities awaiting your arrival at Cleopatra’s. We’ll take a look at their current roster, rates and specials. What makes Cleopatra’s one of the top brothels in all of Australia? Find out below.

Cleopatra’s: The 5-Star Wetherill Park Brothel

Cleopatra's Gentlemen's Club at Wetherill Park, Western Sydney

Cleopatra’s Gentleman’s Club was established in 2002 as a luxury bordello offering a 5 star experience to clients in the Western Sydney region.

This is a fully licensed brothel offering full service, which consists of erotic massage, oral and full intercourse (in a variety of positions).

The venue is located in an industrial area of Wetherill Park, but step inside and you will be transported to another world of luxury, opulence and mesmerisingly beautiful ladies — hand-selected for your satisfaction.

When you arrive, you will be led by the hostess to one of three private introduction rooms. You’ll be given a complimentary drink and told to sit back as the ladies introduce themselves and answer any of your questions.

Everything about the experience at Cleopatra’s is designed to satisfy, and the attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed…

While the brothel has been busy collecting happy customers, it’s also scooped some major awards.

Winner of Best Brothel in NSW 2016

Cleopatra’s Gentlemen’s Club was recently voted 2016’s best brothel in NSW at the prestigious Australian Adult Industry Awards.

This is a major accolade given the stiff competition.

NSW (and Sydney in particular) is known for one of the highest concentrations of luxury bordellos in all of Australia.

The five star experience is a specialty that Cleopatra’s has mastered down to a fine art, and it’s reflected by both the standard of the facilities and the ladies themselves.

The Ladies

The ladies at Cleopatra’s are divided in to two shifts, a daytime shift running from 10am to 7pm, and the peak traffic evening shift running from 7pm to 5am.

They typically have 6 ladies available during the daytime, and 14 ladies in the evenings.

For privacy reasons, we do not post photos of any escorts on this blog, but you can view a full gallery of the Cleopatra girls on their website.

As you will see, the brothel is mostly staffed by young, beautiful girls aged between 18 to 25.

There is a nice mix of blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Each girl has her own profile with information on her nationality, dress size, cup size, age, hair colour, eye colour and favourite services. There’s also a useful roster schedule which lets you pick out exactly when your favourite is on shift.

The bordello is known for its international and multicultural selection of ladies. You’ll find Aussie girls, yes, but also Brits, Thais, Germans, French, Indians, Canadians and even Persians.

It’s quite possible to do an ‘around the world’ trip in 30 days with regular visits to Cleopatra’s.

(For some of our readers, we can probably shorten that to seven days!)

Cleopatra’s on Social Media

Like most Sydney brothels, Cleopatra’s has a steady turnover of new ladies and exotic beauties travelling from other parts of Australia (and beyond).

But unlike many of those other establishments, the Cleopatra’s web team does a fantastic job of keeping you in the loop with the comings and goings of their ladies.

There are three ways you can get notified of new or returning ladies:

  • Through their news page which is regularly updated.
  • By adding Cleopatra’s on Snapchat.
  • By following Cleopatra’s on Twitter.

The Snapchat and Twitter pages are worth following for the steady stream of teaser pics alone.

They also have an Instagram, which is used primarily to whet your appetite for the ladies on shift…

From what we understand, Cleopatra’s does not currently have a Facebook page.

Rooms and Facilities

The facilities at this brothel are world class.

Outside the venue you will feel very much a part of an industrial estate, but inside you will feel like you’ve been whizzed away to a minimalist gentlemen’s paradise.

The rooms are decked out in Egyptian themed decor with statues that bridge the divide of being interesting without seeming overly tacky.

There are standard rooms available, but to drown yourself in luxury, you can always upgrade to the Cleopatra Suite, the Mark Antony Suite, or the Imperial Room.

These come with lavish spa-like facilities.

Cleopatra room at the Sydney brothel

Inside Cleopatra's brothel: the Mark Antony suite

Cleopatra Suite at the popular NSW brothel

The Imperial Room at Cleopatra GC Brothel

The Imperial Room at Cleopatra's brothel

A clip from inside the venue, via the CleopatraGC YouTube channel:

Getting There: Where Is Cleopatra’s Brothel?

Cleopatra’s is located at 12 Hargraves Pl, Wetherill Park NSW 2164.

This is a fairly discreet location at the end of Hargraves Place in an industrial part of Wetherill Park.

There is a car park available for clients, as well as plenty of on-street parking.

The entrance is clearly marked and difficult to miss, especially against the backdrop of the metallic warehouses that occupy this area!

Here is a map of the location for your convenience:

Opening Hours

Early bird? Randy night owl?

While this isn’t a 24/7 brothel like some in Sydney, it is a good choice for all but the early morning commuting crowd.

Cleopatra’s is open every day from 10am to 5am.

Making a Booking

“Do I need an appointment to visit Cleopatra’s?”


Walk-ins are fine, but you may wish to call in advance if there is a particular lady that you would like to see.

Cleopatra’s does an excellent job of keeping their roster page up to date, but just because you see a lady available at the time you plan to visit, that doesn’t mean she will be available when you actually get there.

Advance bookings are always best for avoiding disappointment.

Here are the details you will need for making an advance appointment:
Phone: 02 9609 6668

Have you visited the award winning Cleopatra’s Gentlemen’s Club at Wetherill Park?

What did you make of the ladies, facilities and overall experience?

Let us know your thoughts and reviews in the comments below.



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