Auckland Sex: The Price of Getting Laid

Looking for sex in Auckland?

There is no doubt that sex is exactly what you will find… if you are willing to pay for the pleasure of it.

New Zealand has some of the world’s most liberal prostitution laws. The Prostitution Reform Act was passed in 2003, leading to the decriminalisation of brothels, escort agencies and the solicitation of sex. As a result, Auckland has become one of the legalised prostitution capitals of the world.

No matter what type of sex you are looking for, the chances are good that you will find it in New Zealand. For a price.

So, what are the going market rates for sex?

Auckland’s Red Light District

If you are looking for cheap sex, then you are probably already aware that Auckland’s street hookers and prostitutes are the cheapest in the city.

While Auckland doesn’t have a red light district as such, it does have several ‘hooker hot spots’ that are known to be frequented by working girls in the evening.

These include:

  • Karangahape Road (Very popular spot in central Auckland)
  • Hunters Corner (Papatoetoe, South Auckland)
  • City Road

Manakau City has been subject to high profile clashes with parliament in its attempts to regulate the common street prostitution that occurs throughout Manakau.

It has had very little success with two consecutive bills voted down.

In previous years, punters would expect to pay up to $100 for sex (full service) with an Auckland hooker off the street.

There have been numerous reports of market forces lowering these prices on the streets, with some ladies accepting as little as $20 for oral sex.

The Auckland sex scene on the streets is famous for its heavy population of transgender escorts and prostitutes.

Unfortunately, this stems from a trans community that has faced regular discrimination and an identity crisis. Many young trans escorts sell sex as a basic means for acquiring food and shelter — which, in turn, drives prices lower.

Sex in Auckland’s Premium Brothels

Brothel in Auckland
Many men prefer to find sex in Auckland’s top brothels

There are two markets for sex throughout New Zealand.

You have punters who are happy to pay for call girls off the street, in exchange for cheaper prices (at much greater risk). And you have punters taking advantage of Auckland’s many premium bordellos and escort agencies.

Since 2003, brothels have sprung up all over the city, whereas other adult establishments that had been in operation for decades have raised their marketing games — no doubt to take advantage of the liberal and progressive prostitution laws.

The experience of going to an Auckland brothel verges on a luxury spa-day for the discerning gentlemen who is happy to pay a premium for sex.

Some of the city’s top brothels include:

  • Splash Club322 Karangahape Rd — $250 for 60 mins
  • The Candy Club3122 Great North Road — $100 for 30 mins
  • The Galaxy Club13 Gore Street — $250 for 60 mins

Prices correct at the time of publication but may have changed since. Please refer to their website for the latest up-to-date pricing.

As you can see, the rates are considerably higher than what a punter would pay by using a street hooker.

The top Auckland escorts are not cheap; and this drives a dual-economy where you have some men who will continue to take risks using street prostitutes or a never-ending variety of online classified sites that serve up sex at discounted rates.

Sites like Craigslist, Gumtree and Backpage are notorious for their adult sections where prostitution thrives in the digital sphere.

Prices on these sites will vary considerably due to the fact that Auckland’s entire sex industry is using them. You have PR staff at the city’s top brothels competing with private companion agencies and independent Auckland escorts, along with ladies (and men) who are very much part-time and willing to trade sex to get out of a sticky financial situation.

As a good illustration of the diversity in the market, we’ve seen full service going for anywhere between $50 and $400; from the suburbs, out to Eden Terrace and inside the heart of Auckland’s CBD.

Adult Massage: The Market for Happy Endings and Body Rubs

It’s not just full sex that sells, either.

For some men… ‘hand relief’ is enough.

There are several adult massage parlours scattered around Auckland, particularly on the red-lit Karangahape Road.

Punters will frequent these parlours to pick out their favourite masseuse and enjoy fully nude massages, complete with body sliding and some ‘happy endings’ that they probably don’t teach at your average massage school.

A typical erotic massage in New Zealand will cost less than a trip to a brothel, and is usually priced around $100-$120 for 30 minutes.

But even the nudie massage market is stacked with upsells.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on a 3 hour session that resembles something close to an Emmanuelle soft porn voyage for men.

Auckland’s Luxury World of Private Companions & Elite Escorts

What about the city’s high rollers?

If you have money to burn and the desire to meet Auckland’s finest escorts, there are many agencies that work on a third party basis as brokers for the city’s top working girls.

Of course, escorts can also be found on Auckland’s Backpage and Craigslist.

For cheap, average or sometimes eyewatering prices.

But by going through an agency, you are effectively paying a premium for only the highest calibre courtesans. You are buying peace of mind.

These women might charge anywhere between $400-$800 per hour, and the irony of course is that you are not only paying for sex.

When they promote the ultimate GFE (girlfriend experience), they aren’t lying.

Men will pay for the time and experience of having a beautiful woman to parade as their own.

Sometimes they will head off to corporate or business events, but more often to private dinners and the luxurious comfort of their 5-star hotel rooms.

Your typical casual encounter with a top Auckland escort will last for hours, not minutes.

Because it’s a different type of exchange.

A sex service, as opposed to a sex commodity.

By paying such sky-high fees for sex — which is often an unspoken agreement, a mere benefit of companionship — perhaps they forget that sex was ever the underlying motive.

We’ve spoken to some ‘executive’ punters who have shelled out over $20,000(!) to spend a weekend with one of Auckland’s top courtesans.

It’s easy to see how this happens, especially if you have a chunky bank account but little time for love.

Or that obligatory second marriage.

Have you paid for sex in Auckland? Did you use a street hooker or one of the top brothels?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences.

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