How to Find NZ Girls in CHCH

Looking to hook up with a Kiwi girl in Christchurch?

The odds aren’t in our favour with more guys in the city than girls, the chances of a hook up is reduced by almost 75%. So, finding a NZ girl is only one part of the equation, it’s what you do when you find one that will determine the result of your pick up.

In this guide, we look at why the ratio is so bad, where you can find local girls in Christchurch and what to do when you find one.

The Ratio of Men to Women in Christchurch: It’s Ladies Choice

Compared with 100 years ago, the latest census data shows that the gender imbalance in NZ has now been redressed.

At the turn of the 20th century, Kiwi men struggled to find a mate with men outnumbering women almost 2:1, Since the 1980s, not only has the female population of NZ leveled the playing field but now we have a situation where women make up more of the population.

And, as an ageing one, the proportion of Kiwi girls aged 25-49 is significantly higher than the same group of men. That’s good news for us fellas in general but in Christchurch the situation is not the same. Post earthquake, the need for laborers to join the endeavors to raise the city from the rubble has meant that single guys in Christchurch now outnumber women four to one!

So, claiming an eligible NZ girl in Christchurch is about more than just finding one but how you compare to a room full of other fellas for the take down.

Some Good Advice for Picking Up NZ Girls

So, we’ve depressed you a little by laying down the odds, but you like a challenge, right? We can lead a horse to water but…you know the rest is up to you so here’s some top tips to improve your chances:

  • Be assertive – Kiwi girls are known for their no-nonsense and practical approach to life. They want a man to be a man and not feel like they are the only ones with the balls in a pick-up. Be bold, be direct but don’t be aggressive.
  • Embrace the naughty – NZ girls are known to be some of the most sexual women on earth. A high proportion of Kiwi girls watch porn regularly and are at ease talking about sex as well as enjoying it. When it comes to getting a local lady into bed, they’re not backwards in coming forwards.
  • If you can’t make it, fake it – studies show that Kiwi girls like their men big and they like them strong. If you’re neither then dress to impress and at least give the impression that you know one end of a wrench from the other.
  • Expect ‘blokey’ behavior – Kiwi girls are on the same page with their fellas and enjoy knocking back a few beers and indulging in what many European guys would call ‘masculine’ behavior. Whilst there are some demure NZ girls out there, the majority know what they like, what they want and (in the current climate) how to get it aplenty. Get on board and enjoy it.

Best Pick Up Spots in Christchurch

Halo Bar and Lounge

66B Wharenui Rd, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch

Situated in the heart of Christchurch’s single town, Upper Riccarton, this 5,000 sq ft nightclub is a great spot to pick up. The venue gets busy at the weekends and is a mecca for surrounding student ville as well as the city’s CBD outcasts. There’s a dance floor, chill out areas and indoor and outdoor communal spaces to test your moves out in.

halo bar and lounge chch
Regular events like the Amateur Pole Performer keep the Halo at the forefront of city nightlife. Image via Facebook.

Club Cargo

359 Lincoln Rd. Addington, Christchurch

One of the city’s more popular clubs, this container lounge and dance club is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 10.00pm to 3.00am. The club gets very crowded and you will probably need to queue if you arrive late. Described by some as ‘trendy’ and ‘chic’, the rooftop garden bar has a 6m long bar which gives you more than enough space to dominate an area of your own. Good luck.

Joes Garage

7 Leslie St, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch

The chain café/bars of Joe’s Garage are known for their laid back and friendly vibes that are popular with locals. The Joes in Riccarton is known for being a good hangout for students and can be the ace up the sleeve of guys who don’t fit the nightclub stereotype. More of a daytime haunt that does stay open late, the place is a good spot to hit up for an afternoon coffee to scout for girls.

The Craic Irish Bar

84B Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch

It wouldn’t be a proper list of pick up pubs without an Irish bar and Craic’s is a good one. Friendly with some good regulars, the girls in here are up for some fun and sure know how to drink. Not all are single but most are locals so get your eye in before making any moves. It’s not rich pickings but for those lucky enough to pull here will get a fire cracker.

craic irish bar chch
A popular Irish bar that appeals to a lot of women of all ages. Good craic to be had. Image via Facebook.

Little Neighbourhood Garden Bar

94 Victoria Street, Central Christchurch

Formerly the Revival Bar, this shipping container structure in the city centre is a popular hang out for women of all ages. The place is a bit of a hub for community events and  can appear a little ‘vanilla’, however, you need to hold out for the events nights. Live music brings out a lot of the hipster crowd and the laid back feel of the place is an ideal environment to get to chatting rather than sinking underneath heavy bass music. Don’t say we don’t cater for all angles.

The bar is open seven days a week from 12.00pm till late.

Dux Live

363 Lincoln Rd, Addington, Christchurch

With live local bands showing regularly, the Dux live has an edgy industrial feel to it which brings out all sorts of Kiwi girls. From groupies to students, visitors from the North, the Dux is a popular haunt for singles on the look out for a pick up. Opening times vary but the venue stays open until 3.00am, seven nights a week.

The Fox and The Ferret

Palms Shopping Centre, 1 New Brighton Rd, Shirley

With a chain pub feel, the Fox and Ferret isn’t the top end of society’s high life but it is a cheap place to get a brew and does get an early evening crowd in. Expect to be in competition with some young guys all of whom will believe they are the alpha male. Good pickings but choose wisely.

fox and ferret pick up chch
No shortage of liquor at the Fox and Ferret. Image via website.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr.



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